PS4Daily’s Community Day event begins Saturday with Dragon Age: Inquisition

Nov 20th - PS4Daily is starting a "Community Day" event! This Saturday, we're playing Dragon Age: Inquisition with you!

Grand Theft Auto 5 is now the best reviewed PS4 game ever

Nov 19th - GTA 5 overtakes The Last Of Us Remastered to become the best review game of all time on the PS4.

Sony wants PS4 exclusives “year round” not just in the Summer and Fall

Nov 19th - Sony acknowledges that good games tend to be "clustered during the Summer and Holiday season".

Transferring your data from Dragon Age Keep to Dragon Age: Inquisition is quick and painless

Nov 18th - Importing your world state from Dragon Age Keep into Dragon Age: Inquisition is incredibly easy. Watch as PS4Daily walks you through the process.

Here’s how to retrieve your Dragon Age: Inquisition pre-order items

Nov 18th - PS4Daily has created a guide to help you get your pre-order bonuses for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

PS4 sells 1 million units in Germany, Xbox One at just 170k

Nov 18th - The console is far ahead of the Xbox One and Wii U in Germany.

Sony: “PlayStation 4 needs to attract more casual consumers”

Nov 18th - Sony would like to "fill the void that's been left by the Wii".

GTA 5 looks identical on PS4 and Xbox One

Nov 17th - New video and images show that Grand Theft Auto 5 looks pretty much identical on both consoles.

GameStop reveals Black Friday PS4 offers

Nov 17th - The biggest games retailer in the world finally reveals their deals on Black Friday.

Dragon Age: Inquisition preload now available

Nov 16th - One of the biggest RPGs of the year, Dragon Age: Inquisition is now available to preload on the PS4.