Star Wars Battlefront gets Team Deathmatch mode, called “Blast”

Jul 30th - Team Deathmatch will be coming to one of the most anticipated games of the year.

PS4 sold twice as many units as Xbox One and Xbox 360 combined last quarter

Jul 30th - The PlayStation 4 is doing so well, it's outselling both Microsoft consoles combined, by a mile.

PS4 sells 25 million units

Jul 30th - Sony's PS4 console reaches a new sales milestone.

No Man’s Sky might be coming to PS4’s Project Morpheus VR headset

Jul 29th - There just might a virtual reality version of the upcoming PS4 space exploration game.

Free PS Plus games for August revealed

Jul 29th - Tomb Raider and Limbo are some of the free PS Plus offerings for August.

Get free light bar decals for your DualShock 4 in the Official PlayStation Magazine

Jul 29th - Spice up your PS4 controller with these free decals included in the September issue of PlayStation magazine.

20th Anniversary DualShock 4 controller is available for pre-order

Jul 29th - The grey PS4 controller - the same color as the original PlayStation - is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

This is what the very first version of the PS4 looked like.

Jul 28th - This is what the first developers got when Sony sent them PS4 consoles to work on.

Mafia 3 announced, coming to PS4

Jul 28th - New Mafia game announced, official reveal coming August 5th.

Four (4!) new indie games released on PS4 today

Jul 28th - Today proves exactly why the PS4 is the best place for indie games.