Bloodborne 1.07 patch details revealed

Nov 20th - New Bloodborne update goes live today with a big new multiplayer feature.

PS4 getting PS2 backwards compatibility

Nov 20th - Sony confirms that the PS4 will be getting PS2 emulation.

Amazon will have PS4 for $300 starting tomorrow

Nov 19th - Amazon's PS4 deal starts one week earlier.

Beyond: Two Souls Coming to PS4 on Nov. 24th, Heavy Rain in 2016

Nov 19th - Sony announces PS4 release dates for Quantic Dreams' cinematic games.

Rocket League getting new DLC next month

Nov 18th - Get ready for some new Rocket League content.

Sony reveals huge new PS4 “mega pack” bundle with 1TB and 3 games

Nov 18th - Sony just revealed the biggest PS4 bundle ever.

EA says they won’t “nickle and dime” players with microtransactions

Nov 17th - But they're still offering microtransactions in their games.

Reporter wrongly claims Paris attackers used a PS4 to communicate

Nov 17th - A Forbes reported wrongly claimed that the Paris attackers used PS4 consoles to communicate.

Fallout 4 sells almost 2 million digital copies in 3 days

Nov 17th - Fallout 4 is a huge success on the digital download side as well.

Star Wars Battlefront frame rate analysis shows steady 60 fps

Nov 16th - Star Wars Battlefront will be running at a smooth 60 fps when it launches.