Buy a PS4 slim, get an extra DualShock 4 controller for free

Sep 20th - Free controller with the new $299 PS4.

Sony releases TV add promoting the redesigned PS4

Sep 19th - "World's best-selling console has been redesigned with a brand new look"

Sony: majority of 4K games will be upscaled, not native 4K

Sep 18th - It's still look a lot better than 1080p.

Sony fires back at Microsoft’s response to the PS4 Pro

Sep 18th - Sony CEO fires back at Microsoft.

First Metal Gear Survive gameplay video released

Sep 17th - The brand new Metal Gear Solid experience.

New arcade shooter Gunjack coming to PS VR

Sep 16th - From the makers of EVE Valkyre.

PS4-exclusive The Last Guardian gets new 18-minute gameplay video

Sep 15th - Game will be released this December.

Analyst: PS4 Pro’s price “puts Microsoft in a hole with Scorpio”

Sep 14th - Analyst Michael Pachter believes that Sony has put Microsoft in a really tough spot with its upcoming console.

First special edition PS4 slim is for Final Fantasy 15

Sep 14th - It didn't take long for the special edition consoles to appear.

Sony says they had to introduce PS4 Pro to prevent gamers migrating to PC

Sep 13th - "We wanted to keep gamers in our eco-system", says Sony CEO