You won’t be playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse on the toilet

Feb 24th - The latest addition to the Dragon Ball line-up of games has released without Remote Play support.

Sony:can’t guarantee that DriveClub PS Plus version will be released

Feb 24th - There is no doubt whether we'll ever see the free DriveClub PS Plus version.

Jerk uses PS4 Share Play to delete 11-year old’s Destiny characters

Feb 24th - Be very careful whom you hand over your controller on Share Play.

Pure Hold’em announced for PS4 [VIDEO]

Feb 24th - VooFoo Studios and Ripstone are bringing their new title, Pure Hold'em to the PS4.

Sony: we’ve learned a lot from the DriveClub fiasco

Feb 23rd - Sony says that from now on, better quality control will be applied to all future games.

Dragonball Xenoverse preload is live; future DLC movesets leaked

Feb 22nd - Dragonball fans have discovered the movesets for future Dragonball Xenoverse characters ahead of their scheduled release date.

New app lets you easily use the DuaShock 4 on a PC

Feb 22nd - IT's become a lot easier to use the DS4 on a PC, with a lot more game support thanks to a new app.

Sony reveals awesome new limited edition PS4 faceplace

Feb 21st - Sony reveals gorgeous new PS4 faceplate.

Naughty Dog shows off gorgeous Uncharted 4 concept art

Feb 20th - We can't wait to play Uncharted 4 later this year.

Check out an hour of Yakuza 0 PS4 gameplay

Feb 20th - The upcoming Yakuza game has so many cutscenes that make The Order 1886 feel like a fast-paced shooter.