Check out God of War 3 PS4 gameplay at 1080p and 60 fps

May 19th - New lengthy video shows God of War 3 Remastered in action.

Sony creates new studio for virtual reality games

May 19th - Sony opens brand new studio to make games for its upcoming Project Morpheus PS4 virtual reality headset.

Amazon discounts a bunch of PlayStation 4 accessories

May 18th - PlayStation 4 camera and other accessories get steep discounts at Amazon.

God Of War 3 Remastered PS4 bundle coming to Europe

May 18th - Amazon France has revealed a new PS4 bundle that includes the upcoming God Of War 3.

Doom gameplay reveal coming at E3 2015

May 18th - Gameplay coming at E3 next month, 10 second teaser video released.

Sony: Console price wars can be dangerous

May 17th - Sony UK boss says that the current price war with Microsoft "can be dangerous" in the long run.

PlayStation Store has a flash sale on indie games right now

May 17th - A new Flash Sale has a bunch of indie games discounted this weekend.

Sony: Bloodborne took us by surprise

May 16th - Bloodborne's success took even Sony by surprise.

Sony’s E3 press conference date and time revealed

May 16th - Sony has announced the date and time for its annual E3 press conference.

Rainbow Six Siege coming to PS4, gets official release date

May 15th - Rainbow Six Siege gets release date and new teaser trailer.