Spotify now available on PS4, PlayStation exclusive for “forseeable” future”

Mar 30th - Spotify is officially available on the PS4 today.

NBA 2K15 to be $10.99 tomorrow on Amazon for a limited time

Mar 29th - Due to some crafty b-ball skills by James Harden and John Wall, you can get NBA 2K15 for only $10.99 tomorrow on Amazon.

Magnetic: Cage Closed dev doesn’t agree with “cinematic” experiece, game will be 60 fps… at a cost

Mar 29th - Magnetic: Cage Closed runs at 60 fps, but there's a catch.

Battlefield Hardline (PS4) is just $40 at Best Buy

Mar 29th - The newest Battlefield game is already getting big discounts.

This cool PlayStation wallet is for the ultimate fan

Mar 28th - The ultimate accessory for the ultimate PlayStation fan.

Amazon has an amazing PS4 Bloodborne deal right now

Mar 28th - The best PS4 bundle deal in the world right now is found at Amazon.

Do you need to be a Dark Souls fan to enjoy Bloodborne? [VIDEO]

Mar 27th - Just because Bloodborne looks like Dark Souls, doesn't mean they're the same.

New PS4 update bricks gamers’ console, Sony wants $150 to fix it

Mar 27th - The new 2.50 update bricked one gamers' console, and Sony wants him to pay up if he wants it fixed.

PlayStation TV gets another price cut from Sony

Mar 27th - Sony slashes the price of the mini-console once again.

PSN 10% discount code live until Monday afternoon

Mar 27th - Save 10% on a PlayStation Store purchase until Monday.