Soon you’ll be able to use the PS4 controller on Steam

Oct 13th - Soon you'll be able to play PC games with your DualShock 4 controller.

PlayStation VR teardown reveals what it’s made of

Oct 12th - Torn down by Sony themselves.

Analyst: PlayStation VR could sell 1.4 million units in three months

Oct 11th - Good reviews will hopefully result in high demand.

Sony releases the ultimate PlayStation VR FAQ

Oct 10th - Read this if you're planning on getting a PS VR headset.

Battlefield 1 gets new movie making tools

Oct 10th - Lots of camera options and settings.

New DualShock 4 controller goes on sale

Oct 9th - With updated light bar and USB connection.

Sony reveals new PlayStation VR bundle with camera

Oct 8th - The bundle that most will buy.