Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn releases onto PlayStation 4 after having been released on first PS3 then the PC. It is a massive multiplayer online role-player game (MMORPG) utilizing a subscription based service in addition to the main game purchase.

Final Fantasy XIV Overview

The world of Final Fantasy is reborn in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for PlayStation 4. Everything from a player’s PS3 game will transfer over to the PS4 version seamlessly. Worlds are more detailed than before, new Chocobo system allows players to create unique Chocobo for better offense or defense.

  • Duties
    • Quests: main quests, side quests and class or job quests
    • FATE (Full Active Time Event): discover, join and fight in FATEs to challenge your combat skills and help others turn the tide of war
    • Dungeons: explore the far reaches of Eorzea above ground and sometime below
    • Guildhests: small scaled operations requiring the help of others to overcome tasks of great importance
    • Guildleves: special quests issued by the Adventurer’s Guild such as Battlecraft, Tradecraft, and Fieldcraft Leves
  • System
    • Battle System: master powerful skills, unleash fierce combos and prevail through teamwork online
    • Breaking Limits: Last Bastion, Final Heaven, Pulse of Life and Meteor
    • Duty Finder: use the Duty Finder to locate helping hands to join in the mayhem
    • Transportation: airships, ferries, Chocobo porters, Aetheryte crystals, spells Return and Teleport, and various mounts including the rare unicorn
  • Community
    • Moogle Delivery Service: send messages, items and gil to anyone in your Friend List
    • Linkshells: chatgroups for up to 128 players, available in any of the three cities
    • Free Company: like clans, allowing players to form their own cooperation with others, complete with a custom company crest and other benefits
  • Companions
    • Chocobo: can join players in battle once certain criteria are met
    • Companion Stances: switch a companion’s stance between defender, attacker, healer, and free stance to adapt to the battle at hand
    • Training: companions earn skill points during battles that can be used to learn special actions specific to certain battle stances
    • Minions: unlike Chocobo, Minions are pocket-sized companions that will follow players to the ends of Eorzea

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