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The Future of Gaming? Hands-on with PlayStation VR [VIDEO]

Jessey goes hands-on with what's been lauded as the future of gaming: PlayStation VR.

Free-to-play sci-fi shooter Hawken launching on PS4 on July 8

Launches with 30 mechs and six game modes on PS4.

PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn revealed fully in 20-minute, 60fp...

New video in 60 FPS showcases the new PS4-exclusive action game.

Here’s the Gravity Rush 2 trailer you probably missed [VIDE...

Kat and Raven show off their skills in a new Gravity Rush 2 trailer.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was Sony’s most shocking E3 ...

Future-set Call of Duty, fully realized.

Crash Bandicoot’s two-part return begins this October [VIDE...

Sony and Activision are bringing back Crash Bandicoot.

Days Gone is Bend Studio’s newest game

Bend Studio's newest game gets the spotlight.