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Rumor: Destiny to feature 22 story missions [UPDATE]

A Reddit user has uncovered what appears to be every story mission and more in Destiny.

PS4 Destiny: White Console Bundle selling like hot cakes

People are buying Playstation 4 consoles like hotcakes, just so they can be first to play the surefire success by bungie: Destiny. The most...

Rumor: Take Two porting Max Payne 3 for next gen

According to a retailer source, Max Payne 3 is coming to PS4 this Winter.

PSN purchases to transfer to PlayStation Now [RUMOR]

According to a new rumor, PlayStation Now might allow users to play their games purchased through PSN for no additional cost.

Rumor: Sony aiming for 1440p “superfast” OLED screen ...

Sony is aiming to give the VR headset a higher resolution screen: 720p for each eye.

Strider and TowerFall: Ascension coming to PlayStation Plus in Ju...

Ninjas and arrows collide next month on PlayStation Plus!

The Last Guardian has been cancelled [RUMOR] [UPDATE]

According to sources close to IGN, Sony made the decision to cancel The Last Guardian last week.

Battlefield Hardline beta might be coming to PlayStation 4

I looks like PS4 gamers will get a chance to test out the latest Battlefield game this Summer.

PlayStation 4 exclusive “Project Beast” gameplay vide...

New video reveals gameplay from the upcoming PS4 exclusive action RPG.

PixelJunk Shooter: Ultimate coming to PS+ in June [RUMOR]

Double Eleven's PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate could be one of the many titles coming to PlayStation Plus next month.