Rumors PS4 News

Rumor: Crash Bandicoot to return…in Skylanders

A retail listing suggests that Crash Bandicoot might return in Skylanders: Imaginators.

Rumor: No Man’s Sky delayed

Rumors point to a delay for Hello Games' massive game.

Rumor: PS4K codenamed “NEO,” upgraded CPU, GPU, and R...

A new rumor sheds more light on the supposed, upcoming PlayStation 4K model, detailing specs and how the upgrade will work.

Leaked God of War 4 concept art surfaces

Concept art leaks suggest a Norse mythology setting.

Rumor: Sony is bringing back Crash Bandicoot

The original PlayStation platformer might finally be coming to PS4.

New PS4 update reportedly unlocks 7th core for games

A new system update reportedly unlocks an additional core for developers.

Rumor: Bloodborne developer working on PS4-exclusive JRPG

From Software is reportedly working on a JRPG, to be published by Sony.

Rumor: upcoming Nintendo console will be more powerful than PS4

The upcoming Nintendo console will reportedly be more powerful than the PS4.

PS4 getting calendar app in the next update?

Could the PS4 be getting some sort of calendar app in the near future?