Featured PS4 News

Introducing the GameFans website!

The team at Neverstill Media has been hard at work on a new project that brings gamers together rather than divides them. You can now...

Rocket League PS4/Xbox One cross play is ready, but Sony hasnR...

The feature could be turned on in "a few hours" if it wasn't for Sony.

Furi Review [VIDEO]

A waste of time or delightfully satisfying.

The Future of Gaming? Hands-on with PlayStation VR [VIDEO]

Jessey goes hands-on with what's been lauded as the future of gaming: PlayStation VR.

Free PS Plus games for July revealed

Includes Saints Row: Gat out of Hell on PS4.

Indy PopCon 2016: Battle Chef Brigade Interview

Jessey talks to Eric Huang of Trinket Studios about their upcoming game Battle Chef Brigade.

The Cosplay of Indy PopCon 2016

Heroes and villains galore.

Another report says PS4 Neo is launching this year

One year ahead of Microsoft's new Xbox One.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was Sony’s most shocking E3 ...

Future-set Call of Duty, fully realized.

Crash Bandicoot’s two-part return begins this October [VIDE...

Sony and Activision are bringing back Crash Bandicoot.