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Microsoft puts pressure on Sony with new Xbox One bundle

Will the new Xbox One bundle finally make Sony drop its PS4 price?

PS4 3.0 update releases tomorrow, details revealed

The much-anticipated 3.0 update hits tomorrow, here are the full details.

Konami: Metal Gear can work without Kojima

Konami isn't too worried about Kojima not being involved in future Metal Gear games.

Black Ops 3 PS4 bundle revealed

$450 gets you a limited edition PS4 and controller, 1TB storage, and a copy of the game.

PlayStation VR to priced as “new gaming platform”, co...

Star saving your money right now if you want the PlayStation VR in 2016.

Old vs new: original PlayStation controller vs the 20th anniversa...

This is why you should get a 20th Anniversary PS4 controller.

Sony reveals new Gold PS4 console

New Limited Edition Gold PS4 is part of a promo deal with Taco Bell.

First Bloodborne expansion announced, coming November 24th

Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion brings more gore, violence, and tougher enemies.

Check out some screenshots and video of the PS4 3.0 update

Get a sneak peek of the upcoming PS4 3.0 update.