Featured PS4 News

Hacker gets PS4 games running remotely on the PC

A PS4 Remote Play feature for the PC? Count us in!

Journey looks great even when it’s broken

Even after a glitch, the game still looks amazing.

Extended Fallout 4 video shows the open world exploration

Fallout 4 is looking really, really good.

Dead Island 2 is dead. For Now.

Dead Island 2 publisher fires its developer.

The latest PS4 game is a… Bird dating simulator.

One of the weirdest games in years is coming to the PS4.

PS4 is getting an official universal media remote

The PS4 gets a new universal media remote for media playback.

New PS4 console taken apart: has fewer memory chips

The new CUH-1200 model has fewer memory chips with larger capacities.

PlanetSide 2 launches with server problems on the PS4

PlanetSide 2 finally launches on the PS4, but its servers are already overwhelmed.

Check out 8 minutes of Ratchet & Clank PS4 gameplay

The upcoming PS4 platformer looks really good.