Featured PS4 News

Will Sony respond to the permanent Xbox One price cut?

Will Sony follow and drop the price of the PS4 to $350?

The Witcher 3 runs at 1080p/30fps on PS4, 900p/30fps on Xbox One

#Resolutiongate continues as CD Projekt Red reveals the resolution for The Witcher: Wild Hunt.

Does DriveClub deserve a second chance?

After numerous updates over the past few months, does DriveClub finally deserve a second chance?

Dragonball Xenoverse’s season pass includes GT characters a...

The first details for the Dragonball Xenoverse season pass have emerged.

PlayStation’s giving 10% off most PS Store items this weeke...

Sony's running a 10% off promotion this weekend only.

PSN four-hour maintenance announced for today

PSN will be down for four hours today do to maintenance.

Move over Skype, ooVoo is coming to the PS4

The PlayStation 4 is finally getting a video chatting application by way of ooVoo.

New Uncharted 4 story and gameplay details surface from latest Ga...

The latest issue of Game Informer has revealed new details for Uncharted 4's story and gameplay.

Top 10 PlayStation 4 games of 2014

We round up our top 10 PS4 games of 2014.

Hand of Fate: The card game I’ve always wanted

In this preview, Jessey tests the hands of fate in Defiant Development's upcoming PS4 and Vita game, Hand of Fate.