Sony reveals two new PS4 bundles for $249

The PS4 has sold 57 million units so far and Sony isn’t slowing down when it comes to great offers. They just announced that the Uncharted 4 PS4 Slim bundle is back to $249 for one week, from February 12 through February 25.

And they’ve added another bundle to the mix: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare bundle, which also retails for $249.

If you buy the Infinite Warfare bundle at Walmart, you’ll get the glacier white PS4 instead of the regular black one. Both bundles feature the 500 GB harddrive.

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    Nah i’ll pass..I already own the PS4..My money going to the Nintendo Switch.

    • Gotcha47

      Maybe you should go to the nintendo section or does it have no people there because they are the last in the race ?

      • Entropyguy

        The actual content on the Nintendo section is decent, but they’ve been having a white supremacist problem in the comments that they’re finally starting to get a handle on expunging. Though tbh I don’t know why people are bringing up the Switch on a post about a PS4 sale.

        • Pro-user-tip: block everyone there who’s ruining that community for you. I blocked 2-3 ppl and ever since it turned out pretty OK.

          • Fingloi Delos reyes

            so you are a Pro now Val? WTF

          • not pro enough to block you, biiiiiaaaatch

          • raptor*plays*pixels

            ValStation 4 Pro

          • Fingloi Delos reyes

            so you feel good about yourself telling the world that youre a pro Val? So you feel good about yourself giving some fcking Pro-user-tips Val? WTF Val! i fcking told you already.

        • raptor*plays*pixels

          Uncle Phil was fucking annoying

      • raptor*plays*pixels

        You are the worst kind of video game fan. Just embarrassing, man.

        • it’s also completely needless to bring arguments to the table as he only readts if someone would rant some nintendo-fanboy-bullshit or hate on sony. Everytime I just wasted my time making him understand reason and that we’re pretty much just talking about toys in general, he’d just ignore it. It’s really getting annoying and shows who’s the real child here.

          • Fingloi Delos reyes

            #SaveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace

  • Dwayne Murphy

    Hope its a huge success cause Nintendo NEEDS IT!! Zelda and Mario are the only 2 i see even worth playing.

    • Gotcha47

      Indeed. Well a ps4 is cheaper. No web browser. Specs are so so. Not enough games. Games are costing as much as ps4, xbox one. Actually there is not much interest in the switch. There is a reason why nintendo is working on games on the phone. And most people these days have a tablet, smart phone to play games on, which are much cheaper and they can play longer then 3 hours on it. So all in all a no go for me.

      • You’re a troll.

        • raptor*plays*pixels