PlayStation VR sold 915,000 units since launching in October

While Sony has proudly showed off PS4 sales numbers, they’ve held back on sales numbers for the PlayStation VR headset. Until now.

In an interview with new York Times, Sony CEO Andrew House revealed that the VR headset has sold 915,000 units to date since it launched back in October 2016.

And those are good sales numbers for Sony, according to House.

He added that if PS VR could sell 10% of what the PS4 sells, Sony would be “very happy”. That translates about 6 million units, as the PS4 has sold 60 million (unofficially) by now.

And while Oculus and HTC haven’t announced sales numbers for their VR headsets, most analysts expect them to be around the number of what the PS VR is: around a million units to date, each.

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    I was waiting for these figures to come out.

    Very impressive sale figures considering the price of it.

    I’ve still got to have a go on this before I buy it, though having a screen that close to your eyes can’t be that good for you?

    • Gotcha47

      My daughter has bought one and i could test it. The price is ok considering what the other versions make you pay for them and the necessary hardware in your computer. Still , try it , we all react different to it and not always in a good way.

      • I_LIKE_IT

        Yeah I will test it first before i purchase it.

        Though I want to see what support it has games wise this year incase this is another fad like 3D TV’S.

        • Avin B.

          Hmm, did the production of the 3D TV stop because I honestly forgot all about them 😐

          • michaelknight31

            Nah i just look up some tvs and came across 75” 4k/3D tv at hhgregg

          • Avin B.

            Oh, that’s neat. I’m glad there is still a demand for them 0/

        • Kaiwla

          Trine trilogy in 3D. Best 3D games ever. I’m playing those right now from my PS4.

  • Which means that the psvr is selling at a faster speed that the oculus or htc which came out way before the psvr

  • Not so sure about this. I just hope it gets better, otherwhise I don’t see studios supporting it on the long run. If they sold like 500k units of RE7 now, that would actually be quite nice for Capcom, but I’m not sure if there’s a market where more than one bigger title at a time could make sense. But maybe the upcoming E3 is gonna enlighten us what to expect from that device’s future. I feel like there’s a 50/50 chance that especially after RE7 many devs might push it more forward. But could also completely end up becoming more something for games with smaller scale.

    • Fingloi Delos reyes

      I fcking told you Val! We dont need your long and boring comments here! You are already a waste of space here on earth and you comments are wasting disk space! STFU already! I fcking told you! #SaveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace

      • Man sorry! Completely forgot about that. Hey really, I just knew there was something to consider when writing this. No harsh feelings? Bro love? C’mon, don’t be shy.

    • michaelknight31

      Yeah i just got the psvr in february and i like it i didnt i would at first and like you said hope they support it sony and thirdparty companies man just image playing god of war 4 in vr but we’ll see if psvr is here to stay

      • I wouldn’t ask for traditional video games to get to VR. They pretty much reinvented Resident Evil to make it possible in VR which shows how things need to change to work there.
        I believe it’s gonna be a niche market for quite some while as it’s just not accessible enough for the real mainstream mass. It’s already one hell of an achievment that they made it work for this kind of audience but so far, it’s still not the most social experience, you’re still bound to cables and the field of view must increase over time with a higher resolution going along with it. All of that will take much time but I’d say in 10 years or so, we might get there and by then, stuff like PSVR will habe prepared a very solid fundament to furher build on. I believe one day it might become more like a VR/AR hybrid that’s completely running on batteries but it’s a pretty long way to make that affordable enough.

        • michaelknight31

          Its just wishful thinking about games like god of war 4 to be in vr thats all i was saying

          • not saying this won’t be a thing one day. But this also demands a loooong way at least for a experience that works and is still fun to play. But after it would earn them quite some cash, it surely will be a thing one day 😉

            Still I’m kinda interested in new genres being formed through VR. One dev once said, that if you think about it, it’s kinda ridiculous, that you need to genocide yourself through games like Uncharted and how shooting ppl is just there as it’s still the best working gameplay element on a 2D screen. But in VR, you could create a complete game where it’s not necessary to kill more than a few people while delivering even a deeper immersion. That said, only if done right. As long as studios try to convert traditional shooters into VR, it won’t feel like that. And same goes for most arcadey-action games.

          • michaelknight31

            I agree like i said just have to see what happens but dam residentevil7 man thats the vr game til date i mean that game will scare the fu*k outta you as long as psvr get AAA vr games it will do fine

          • hehe I absolutely believe you. Actually I believe you that much that I don’t think I really can play this game. At least not in VR. But As someone who generally loves the horror genre I can totally appreciate what RE7 did there 🙂

          • Fingloi Delos reyes

            What the fcking fck Val! why do you need to tell your life story in a comment val? Are you a writer by trade? #FreeTheEarthSpace #FreeTheDiskSpace

  • That guy

    That isn’t good.

  • Johnny Star

    Considering most people are scared it’s a gimmick device and it’s priced as high as a PS4 Pro, those numbers are actually higher than I thought they’d be. Still haven’t tried one yet…

  • whatacutebum .

    Developers really need to support this. Resident Evil is brilliant in VR and I’ve enjoyed many games so far.

  • I think close to 1m is bloody brilliant.

  • Nintendo Switch News

    Still a pass..Still to much for a gimmick

    • k2lu

      Switch is out. Go play with your real gimmick console.

      • Nintendo Switch News

        @LittleK2lu Nah it’s a next gen console kiddo. VR is a silly gimmick that will fade in time..go play you’re kiddo VR while i play some real gaming …U mad bro?
        And you are a loser..Goodbye! 🙂

        • k2lu

          Lol. Next gen console? Now we know who the real kiddo is. Well, u go play with your “next gen console” then. Why hang around here? You have gotta be a bigger loser to be posting comments here if you don’t think this is worth your time. Damn troll with no money to buy stuff he wants. Lemme guess..No woman in your life except your mama so you troll online coz you hate the world for not loving you back. Well, maybe Switch will fill that void if you can afford it. Better luck next lifetime, bro. Hate all you want but I’m living the life. Troll all u want. Kids these days..Hahaha

  • Sonic200012

    I’ll get one when full games support them.

  • CH3SH

    Have the article posters gone quiet??

  • Popcorn82

    I have had mine since launch….I don’t use it all that often, but I do enjoy it. Hope it stays around for a while

  • Layto

    And where are the games?