Here are the best PS4 game deals of the week

We’re back with our weekly roundup of the best PS4 video game deals. This week, the deals include GTA 5, Metal Gear Solid 5, No Man’s Sky, and every single Uncharted game ever.

PS4 game deals

PS4 console deals

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  • Really speaks for GTA5 that a remastered version of a 5 yr old game can even at a discount be sold for more money than Uncharted 4, last year’s UBER-Blockbuster. Love Naughty Dog, but Rockstar is really amazing in creating value.

    • jfelts

      Way to save the Earth space Val! Kidding, I totally agree with you. I can only imagine how much money they’ve made.

  • Quicksilver88

    I just want to say if you have never played MGS5 DO IT NOW. Seriously this is IMO is one of the finest games ever made. If you like military, shooter, action, stealth games then try this. The grafx are some of the best this gen, but the gameplay is tops. So many configurable parts, its like a Miltary sim meets srpg. The story is pretty good and more realistic than most MG. I have put close to 200 hrs in on this game since it came out and that is largely playing it single player and the FOB game. The only game I have come close to putting this kimd of time on are the two 3DS Fire Emblem games.