The results are in: the best PS4 games of the year are…

Last month Sony held their annual poll, asking PS4 players what the best PS4 games of the year were. And unsurprisingly, the majority believed that Uncharted 4 was the best game of the year — which it definitely was. It also won the Best Story, Best Performance, Best Soundtrack, and of course, Best Visuals.

The runner up was Final Fantasy XV, Battlefield 1, and Overwatch.

Firewatch won the Best Independent Game, followed by Inside and The Witness.

Battlefield 1 took a couple of awards as well, wining “Best use of PS4 Pro” and “Best multiplayer”. Hard to disagree with those results.

You can check out the full list of winners here.

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    Uncharted 4 was highly polished and was not released broken unlike some EA games!

    I enjoyed it and was a pleasure to play.

    Though some indie games are amazing as well, considering they don’t have the budget like all the major game developers have.

    • I’d see it more like that: U4 is a nice example how AAA studios sometimes manage to invest in the right things. With more money available, a studio has far more pressure and many failed AAA releases show how that pressure can totally backfire. U4 is just a nice example of so many right decisions and the high value of perfection in art design where it wasn’t just enough to create realistic graphics but superpolished landscapes that were completely handcrafted and make the impression that every stone sits where the art director wanted it to sit. For everyone who’s into illustration, 3D modelling and stuff, U4 is just like wandering through a showcase of how far the industry made it in 2016.

      • Fingloi Delos reyes

        I fcking told you Val! GTFO! your long boring comments are wasting disk space! STFU already! i fcking told you! #SaveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace

  • TomDobo

    U4 was my GOTY. Then the other notable games were BF1, Overwatch, Doom, Horizon 3 and Dark Souls 3 in no particular order.

  • U4 was just the popstar among all releases. The one game where so many kinds of gamers can agree on. A collection of so many disciplines in a well polished package. Just good work.

    • raptor*plays*pixels

      overall i enjoyed it, though it felt like less of a “game” to me than i expected or would’ve wanted coming from this franchise. again, needed more gameplay and better pacing. but the final product is very polished indeed.

      • it’s funny cause for me it’s the most ‘game’ in the series. Sure it still is a very linear and cinematic experience, but gunfights for the first time are really enjoyable especially as stealth and combat are equally interesting and you aren’t forced to youse one or the othe (at least not as often). Same goes with some platforming-scenes where you can at least use multiple ways to climb somewhere and it felt not exactly as forgiving as in previous games where platforming never felt anyhow like a challenge. OK it’s still not that much of a challenge but at least you can make ore mistakes now 🙂

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna act like Uncharted would be a gameplay-heavy series, of course it’s not. But I appreciate the refinements ND made, especially to combat as this was always a real breaker for me.But yeah, in the end it’s still an entertaining demonstration of artdirection, graphics and digital storytelling.

  • I still cant believe thats the last of Nathan drake

  • irish33

    I thought call of duty infinite warfare would o won every award. LOL