Sony releases 2017 PS4 trailer highlighting all the upcoming games

2017 is here and it’s going to be a great year for PS4 gamers. There are a ton of great games scheduled to be released in 2017, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Gran Turismo Sport, the new Uncharted 4 expansion, and many others.

Sony has released a trailer that showcases all of the PS4 exclusive games that we can expect from 2017, and it looks really, really, good.

What PS4 game are you looking forward to the most in 2017? Share them in the comments section below!

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  • Nintendo Switch News

    Some of those look good ..Might have to wait for a while though with switch coming out in march..That’s where all my moneys going..But i do plan on getting Resident Evil 7 this month on PS4

  • Jason James

    horizon zero dawn and uncharted lost legacy

  • Nigga Ranger

    No God of war??

    • I_LIKE_IT


      The games Director Cory Barlog tweeted on the 21st December that he played a complete game from start to finish.

      Surely it won’t take a whole year to tidy things up on it?

      • maybe they just wanted to keep it diverse. But indeed strange to not include Days Gone and God of War after hyping them for so long. But some pretty wicked indies in the spotlight.

        • Fingloi Delos reyes

          Nice Val! Minimum comments.. #SaveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace

          • Not that I don’t value your precious 2 cents but if you add all of your comments together where you just congratulate me for being such a great guy, you might find out that there easily could be some space saved as well.

          • eclectic*raptor


            i’ll be taking over from now on lol

        • eclectic*raptor

          i think they did it to generate more of a buzz and conversation surrounding these titles. why not? you can’t show your whole hand so far out.

          • gotta say I didn’t even notice that until I saw it here and thought ‘yeah…right’ but that may a reason anyways. ppl who are into gaming probably know them already and those who aren’t will get to know them soon 🙂

  • Christopher Worthy

    No Days Gone in them trailers.

    • I_LIKE_IT

      Forgot about that one!

      Hopefully that’ll be great fun to play as well as co-op multi player option to I hope.

  • TomDobo

    Horizon Zero Dawn is my most anticipated game this year although im really looking forward to Lost Legacy.

  • Nerkey

    Still no Wild or Deep Down……sigh

  • Greg Welch

    No last of us part 2

    • Arild

      I’m guessing 2018 or 2019 :/

  • eclectic*raptor

    just finally watched this. loving the art direction of drawn to death. will have to look into that more soon.