PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 2:1 worldwide

PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 2:1 worldwide

Microsoft threw in the towel for this console generation years ago when they stopped sharing Xbox One sales numbers. Sony has proudly shared PS4 sales numbers every quarter, which last reached 55 million units worldwide.

According to market research firm SuperData, the Xbox One has sold about 26 million units worldwide to date, something Microsoft doesn’t want anyone to know, apparently.

Which means that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 2 to 1, having sold more than twice as many units.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 war ended in a tie, with both consoles selling about 80 million units each. This time around, it looks like the PS4 is the clear winner.

Not only that, the PS4 is on track to beat the best selling console of all time, the PS2.

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  • Nigga Ranger


  • Gotcha47

    Well more sales means more sales and more games

    • It can also mean that companies feel comfortable on their throne and stop fighting. But yeah, I don’t see this being the problem with the PS4.

      • Fingloi Delos reyes

        #SaveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace

  • James Robert Marot

    I’m putting a like here

  • Charles Clarke

    Yes, PS4 has finally made it to Wii status! Congrats to you! Sad pathetic loser. PS4 is a joke and so are you.

    • raptor*plays*pixels

      Wii would like to see the fanboy reactions.

      shitshow awaits”

      • Gotcha47

        On what ? Wii is last in the race and will stay last. Even with the switch…..

    • Delsin Rowe

      Fanboy alert.

      • David Sugrue

        Jealous fanboy comment alert

    • Gotcha47

      If ps4 has made it to wiii status where does it leave the xbox….. Well Charles Clarke you should think before you write something down !

      • Remi82

        Why do you have to always mention/bash Xbox with your comments? Is it being a fanboy? Arent we all in this together? Gaming in general..

        • Gotcha47

          Simple question is it not ? And what bashing ? Why do you want to make bashing of this ? Because we all live on a cloud and there is world peace…. Really !

    • Wii wasn’t such a bad system, so this isn’t such an insult.

      • Fingloi Delos reyes

        #SaveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace..

    • David Sugrue

      Anyone who thinks that ps4 is a joke has to be the most stupid clown of all 🤡
      PlayStation has the most and best exclusives to play. Isn’t games the most important to a “gaming” console. Or do you prefer to watch movies? Get a the xbox dvd player if you don’t like games


    Any chance we can see VR hardware sales soon?

  • Sony needs to keep bringing in the inclusives and better hardware to stay on top a head

    • David Sugrue

      That’s exactly what they have been doing. There are most AAA exclusives than we can play.

  • Where is PS VIta ???

    • Quicksilver88

      Haha…too pathetic to even show as I am sure you are aware. I have one and a pstv as well but sadly it aimed for a niche that wasnt there.

  • Keshu Rao

    Ps3 won, it is still extending the lead…especially in developing countries.

    • David Sugrue

      This is true. Ps3 took the lead in sales a few months ago.

  • Gameisis Heartworx

    PS4 in the lead,no surprise there.

  • Dave Molner

    and 3ds outsells ps4 so whats the point

    • Quicksilver88

      Not really as 3DS has sold like 60mil in 6yrs and PS4 will surpass that in less than 4yrs…….which is a PS2/DS sales rate. 3DS did come off a great year in 2016 but doubt it beat PS4 any year they have both been out.

  • Quicksilver88

    I am actually pretty happy for $ony. They really made about every right move with PS4 and we the gamers have been the winners (well knack aside). Remember they badly needed a success as Vita tanked as bad as WiiU and PS3 ended strong but was not a great financial success. $ony’s other consumer failure were mounting as they failed the SmartPhone market, became irrelevant in TVs/Home theater, and BR is a so so success. So they needed this and so did gaming to prove that home console gaming is still in high demand.

    The future looks bright as the system is mid-aged and just hitting its stide as its gets the cheaper slim and amped up pro right as the software cycle hits its peak cycle. Dying for MassEffect and haven’t even touched FFXV while I finish Guardian and TombRaider