Prey reboot is coming on May 5th

Bethesda has announced that its Prey reboot is coming to the PS4 and other platforms on May 5th.

The game has a long and weird development history, where it started as Prey 2 and was in development by Human Head Studios.

Then, Bethesda decided to throw out the entire project and start all over with a new developer, new story, new everything.

Now the game is finally complete and will ship on May 5th. In the new Prey, players assume the role of a scientist on board a research spaceship. Where things go wrong (of course).

Check out a gameplay trailer below.

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  • It looks pretty nice. But I wish they just hadn’t called it Prey. It’s like they’d be ashamed for that brilliant game and try to make it unhappen.

  • jfelts

    So this is not anything related to the original 2006 Prey game?

    • PlayerThree

      Not at all. It’s Prey in name only.

  • Strange that they changed the MC so much when compared to E3 2016.

  • michaelknight31

    Im shock they didnt remaster the first prey game for ps4 nand xbox one also i doubt it will come to xbox one backswards compatible