Of course Resident Evil 7 will have a season pass

Capcom has revealed that the upcoming Resident Evil 7 will have a Season Pass. What does the Season Pass include? It gives access to two volumes of “banned footage”, which include 3 new episodes each.

The new episodes (which are basically new levels) are called Nightmare, Bedroom, and Ethan Must Die (Volume 1) and 21, Daughters, and Jack’s 55th Birthday (Volume 2).

The Season Pass will also give players access to “additional content”, but that has yet to be revealed. The new episodes and content will be released throughout 2017.

The Resident Evil 7 Season Pass will retail for $30.

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  • Fat Ted

    I just got the PS4 and so this season pass stuff is new to me, but it sounds like a rip-off – buy our game unfinished and then pay more for the stuff that finishes it. I know I’m exaggerating, but I also thought additional content came out months after publishing when it was clear a game was successful and people wanted more.

    • djape

      thats just how it is

    • It’s not always like that. But it’s not happening very often that season passes do a good job. Either games are just unfinished and get so with DLC or the DLC you gain doesn’t really feel like it was necessary. I bought the season pass for fallout 4 and for that game I still gotta say the main game is already something to keep you occupied for hundreds of hours and the DLC while not really being totally necessary adds quite a lot more possibilities, content, stories and quests on top of that but without it the game would’ve worked perfectly fine as well.

      But yeah, stay careful.

      • Fingloi Delos reyes

        I fcking told you Val! #saveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace

    • Yup, it’s total bull

  • James Robert Marot

    Sigh. The problem is we won’t get to know all the extras always when it comes announced with a season pass. I’ve realized what this all means and I will not doubt it but this is sad. I’m hoping I don’t buy every season pass for every game I get onwards from now but truth be told I’m eager for this game

  • Nintendo Switch News

    I will get this in due time ..right now all my money is going to the Nintendo Switch

    • djape

      Switch is for babies…

      • God bless I got a baby in my household giving me the right to buy one to play on it. Being father has amazing advantages.

        • raptor*plays*pixels

          GET OUT BABY. Wtf?

          People say the most moronic things. I enjoy video games, not PS, Xbox, Wii U. Just good games. Switch will have some really good games just as all consoles and PC do.

          Btw, congrats on a newborn!

          • she’s not a newborn anymore and not the first one either ;D but thanks very much still, much appreciated 🙂

          • raptor*plays*pixels


    • k2lu

      It will be interesting to see how people will take to Switch. Right now it seems gimmicky to me.

      • not sure what this has to do with RE7. But if Nintendo can make pull it off somehow, the Switch will face a very strong holiday season with maybe 5 major franchise releases this year. Not so much there at launch, but it’s clearly aiming for xmas.