Horizon Zero Dawn has gone gold

Developer Guerrilla Games has announced that its highly anticipated PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn has gone gold on the PS4, meaning that the game has finished development and is off to manufacturing.

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated PS4 games of the the year, and offers a brand new, original IP set in a post-apocalyptic world where the player is pitted against giant robot dinosaurs in a big, open world.

The game launches on the PS4 on February 28th in North America, and on March 1st in Europe. It will also have an enhanced version for the PS4 Pro.

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    This will take a bit of focus off Nintendo’s new console launch for Sony.

    • true and it’s generally a very Playstationy answer to Zelda. Which I personally still prefer but I appreciate the attempt 🙂

      • Gotcha47

        • Custom Nvidia Tegra CPU
        • Nvidia GPU
        • 6.2in LCD touchscreen, 1280×720
        • Video output up to 1080p 60fps via dock
        • 32GB storage
        • Micro-SDXC card slot
        • USB-C for charging and dock connection
        • 11ac Wi-Fi
        • Bluetooth 4.1
        • Stereo speakers
        • Headphone jack
        • Game card slot (Switch games only)
        • Accelerometer, gyroscope, brightness sensor
        • 4310mAh non-removable battery
        • Up to 3 hours gaming, more than 6 for other usage
        • 3 hour charging time
        • 102mm x 239mm x 13.9mm (with Joy-Cons attached)
        • 297g (398g with Joy-Cons)

        the switch specs

        • Gotcha47

          Compare that to the specs of the ps4 or ps4 pro. Then you will know which one you want !

          • Not really. The key selling points of the Switch aren’t to be found on a spec sheet even though the information about size, weight and batterytime point in its direction. As I said before, it’s like comparing an ultrabook with decent specs with a gaming-PC. The one is huge, eats energy, space but delivers the best possible visual experience while forcing you toward the TV, the other one might be capable to deliver a somewhat homeconsole-like experience while being completely unbound to your TV. But there’s no better or worse here, it’s just a question of what you’re asking for. Ultimately the Switch seems like the perfect supplement to a PS4 to me. Not just nin terms of its formfactor but also because of the software offering.

          • Fingloi Delos reyes

            i fcking told you Val! #SaveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace

        • While I appreciate to see a list of Switch specs for once I got no idea why you’re posting this. Especially after me saying something about Horizon and Zelda. Doesn’t make any sense.
          If you think this was me triggering some fanboywar, then you’re wrong. I’m just saying Horizon is an adequate answer to a Zelda game. It’s absolutely not like a Zelda game at all, but it’s the Sony audience-version of a cinematic action adventure and I believe where Zelda will deliver on gameplay, horizon will deliver with immersion and visuals. After playing through Uncharted 4 (and loving the hell out of it) I’m just a bit tired of the Sony way and ready for the Nintendo way. And who knows, after playing Zelda inside and out, I might get back on the Sony side of the river again. Isn’t life good to gamers 🙂

          • Fingloi Delos reyes

            WTF Val! Realy? Long comments? Stop wasting the disk space you persistent SOB! I already fcking told you! #SaveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I think you’re being quite biased here, but that’s usually normal with most gamers. We all have favorites. Looking at the game’s gameplay over the months, Visuals and immersion is only part of the game. I get why you’d think that way, but perhaps it’s because these types of games aren’t for you. While Uncharted had strong visual appeal, it had much more to offer than just that.

            I enjoyed the Nintendo way for years, but I’ve gotten a bit bored of the same experiences and same IP each and every gen. Not saying Sony doesn’t do similar things, but to their credit, they at least try to develop new franchises.

          • First of all, Yeah I’m kinda biased and I know it 😉
            What I tend to like somehow about Nintendo is that they aren’t creating a new franchise everytime they come up with a new idea. They create some mechanic where a character would run around shooting water, they put it into a Mario game. They come up with a mechanic of morphing into a wolf, they throw it into a Zelda game. They come up with a character would travel between Planets, they create a Mario game out of that and so on.

            Sony (or their studios) would’ve created a new IP for each concept. And of course all of that happens on purpose and it’s also not a bad thing after all because as you said it creates a sense of diversity. But that diversity doesn’t happen on a gameplay-level but more on a world-design-level.
            When Nintendo creates a new IP, then only if it’s really a different game. At least with their big IPs it’s like that, I don’t take their little Shovel-IPs into account here 😉
            This of course creates the impression that they would always bring the same set of games and in some cases like Mario Kart, where they couldn’t include new mechanics without breaking the game, it’s actually true.
            Nintendo’s way has a lot of issues though, like Zelda now for the first time since OoT getting rid of a lot of very aged mechanics that the devs somehow always needed to implement which ended up with several Zelda games feeling still repetitive due to their common structure. A problem the Mario series somehow doesn’t seem to have as they can’t seem to ever decide if they’d stick to a more open-world-core-gamer Mario game or a more arcade-linear one. I guess there’s no golden formula neither within the Nintendo nor the Sony-bubble and I’m just glad that I got both systems so I don’t have to ask for more games like Fallout on the Switch or more games like Mario on the Playstation.

            But then again … I played Arkham City and Mass Effect 3 on the WiiU and I gotta confess I enjoyed it, so Nintendo going more in that direction wouldn’t hurt at all. I just get why it has no priority.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I can see why some see it that way, but to be fair, it’s also completely different from the normal Zelda game. Many games tend to be similar to one another, and that’s okay. Besides, whether it has some Zelda elements or not, it could end up being a master piece or at the very least, a well polished game. Either one is fine by me. 😛

        • Sorry wasn’t literally comparing it to Zelda. It was more like this is the Playstation answer to a Zelda game. Like the Elder Scrolls games could be seen as the PC-answer. Because it’s an adventure tailored to the system’s audience. Where Zelda is all about accessibility, mechanics and a more anime-inspired and more family-firendly look, Horizon is more about delivering a polished game with a focus on immersion (and Elder scrolls giving you zillions of possibilities and options and stuff). But I’d say ppl who are into all three systems would also be more likely to be into all the three of these franchises. But that’s just some assumption. But I didn’t want to say that Horizon would really be like Zelda cause that’s obviously bullshit. And I’m kinda glad about that. Though I don’t really look forward that game I’d like to play it at some point which I wouldn’t if the games would be anyhow similar.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Appreciate the clarification. I think these days it’s hard for any game not to have similarities to another due to there being so many open world games out there. That goes for any genre really. I think all that matters is that these games like Zelda, Horizon and Elder Scrolls deliver a solid performance that makes them worth every penny.

    • Psytrix

      Something tells me, there will be no focus on the Switch whatsoever by this time next year.

      • Fanboyism aside I wouldn’t say that. If Nintendo doesn’t mess it up, upcoming Xmas might be very strong for them. The upcoming E3 will show what to expect beyond that. As usually, Nintendo won’t surprise with a quantity of huge productions, but at least for the first 3 years of that system’s life cycle, they’ll provide. At least something for certain audiences. And in the end despite the Switch having a pretty overseeable launch lineup, they’re still kicking it off with one of the most hyped games of the recent years. Let’s just wait and see how it develops. I don’t understand how PS4 players got a huge problem with the Switch as it’s not really overlapping with that audience. It’s a supplement.

        • Fingloi Delos reyes

          I fcking told you Val! We dont need you long boring comments here… You are already a waste of space here on earth and your comments are wasting disk space! Shut the fck up already! I fcking told you! #SaveTheEarthSpace # SaveTheDiskSpapce

          • I need to insist that I’m actually a really great guy with beautiful eyes, so shut the fuck up and go mate your dog.

          • Fingloi Delos reyes

            Your dick has beautiful eyes? WTF do yo mean?!

          • you’re thinking about my dick all the time? I mean really? Please tell me that at least I’m the only one for you.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            He’s just baiting you like the average troll does. Though, maybe he is actually serious….which makes it very lulzy.

          • it’s more like the two of us share a deep bond.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Correction, PS4 fanboys have a problem with it. The average PS4 owner(like myself) doesn’t really care if it’s there or not in the market. You already know that I’m not very keen on Nintendo these days except for handhelds. However, if the Switch can be successful enough with plenty of games provided by Nintendo and some decent third party, it’d make a perfect companion console to have on hand.

    • Gotcha47

      Why , the world is already divided in who wants what console. The switch is in my eyes not giving something extra to want to have it. Most are interested in the new coming scorpion and the successor to the ps4/pro and vr.

      • While this is a comment section and you’re free to post whatever you want if you add that ‘in my eyes’ phrase to it, I really don’t see anything of what you saying. For now, the whole VR hype has met the state of stagnation. It might (hopefully) stay a thing especially as technology gets better, but for now, claiming ‘most are interested in VR’ just isn’t correct. Then: “most of” what are interested in that stuff? Most of the western coregamer? Yeah maybe. Most of gamers worldwide? Not at all. The Switch is obviously not for you, you made that clear. But there are many, many demographics out there that aren’t as you. And just creating a third system to compete with already 2 companies would’ve been nothing but stupid.
        I’d be wondering if a PSVR will sell more than 15 mio units in its lifetime and maybe even the half of that wouldn’t be far fetched. The Switch could potentially sell something in the direction of 50mio units if they can do it right. That’s just a compeltely different thing.
        And I don’t know anyone who’s interested in Scoprio while you might not know anyone who’s into the Switch. It just shows how different perceptions can be. But assuming that a new system with nothing but specs will always be the only interesting thing for the mass of ppl out there seems wrong. I personally really need a brake from the visually wonderful and immersive ‘experiences’ you get on a PS4 and love to have some fun with games that are takiing a dump on visuals and offer mechanics and fun with friends instead.

  • michaelknight31

    Yeah i cant wait for this game to come out looks good from what i seen sofar

    • the thing is, that I somehow assumed it would be a linear game. Because it just looks to good for an open world game. I thought that’s just something straight forward like Uncharted. Learning that this really is open world is quite massive. Not sure if I’d buy it just for its graphics, but it seems to be quite polished. I just can’t get used to how she looks and hope she won’t keep talking to herself all the time like in the first presentation.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        To be fair, people talk to themselves most of the time. It’s also how we cope when in stressed situations. 😛

  • You guys are killing me with laughter here. Anyway i already prep ordered my horizon at gamestop which comes with a beautiful free poster

  • Gotcha47

    Well i have no rush. I will wait some time to see if there are major bugs in it.But it is on the list.

  • Sonic200012

    So excited to get my Collector’s Edition!

  • DonovanEdge

    At some point, I’ve got to play this game! I have purchased it, had it since day one, but just don’t have the time right now.