Horizon Zero Dawn gets story trailer

One of the most anticipated first party PS4 games of 2017 is Horizon Zero Dawn. Made by Killzone-developers Guerrilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where mankind is back to its primitive roots and is fighting some nasty robot dinosaurs.

If that doesn’t sound exciting, we don’t know what does. Sony and the developer have just released a new story trailer that introduces the main characters and the story of Horizon Zero Dawn.

It looks quite promising. The game will be out later this year.

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  • James Robert Marot

    I need a bit more to the story but I would love this to be and seemingly a Tomb Raider offset. The game does look and feel quite good

    • eclectic*raptor

      part of what i dislike about modern trailers is we get too much story/cut scenes, not nearly enough gameplay.

      • to be fair, it has to do with what I don’t like about modern videogames, that the gameplay fades to the background more and more. Looking at Horizon Zero Dawn feels like I already got a good idea of what to expect gameplaywise and it probably won’t create any new standard on that department. Without intending to be too pessimistic about that game, I just hope it manages to still stand out in its own way. Like God of War always stood out by the scale of some characters and locations (and sometimes locations that were also character) or Uncharted by just being a very accessible joyride. If not, then maybe ppl won’t remember it for too long and that seems to me like a desease, some games are suffering from these days. They just all try to be like the next one too hard. And I’m kinda afraid, HZD just offers a different setting but in the end the same elements we’ve seen too often.
        But let’s just hope I’m wrong and keep looking forward.

        • James Robert Marot

          I think it will do enough justice on its own and it feels like FFXV coming to think of it. I can’t say it will be flawless but it should be great

          • I hope you’re right. Not that I really don’t like cinematic adction adventures, I would just love to see devs being at least a bit more experimental again in their games. Then again I really enjoy Uncharted4 despite the fact that it doesn’t innovate anything and just refine stuff that has been there before, so if HZD somehow manages to reach that level, I’m cool.

      • James Robert Marot

        I’m sure it won’t be bad to say the least

        • eclectic*raptor

          i agree, it will be good, but i hope i get to play instead of watch more often than not. i can’t recall how many times i am tempted to skip story in games, but it’s often, only for the fear of missing some key point or a real revelation in the plot/writing do i sit through, maybe it’s just me, just one opinion.

          looking forward to HZD

  • jfelts

    Really excited for this one. Looks great.

  • TomDobo

    Really hope this is good and doesnt flop. This and Mass Effect Andromeda are my most anticipated games of this year.

    • eclectic*raptor

      i predict that if this game has heart and reasonably good gameplay, it will be a huge hit.

      • TomDobo

        Hope so as it looks like it could make a great future franchise.

        • eclectic*raptor

          Id be very surprised based on what I’ve seen if it isn’t a huge success.

          • I hope the main character isn’t talking to herself all.the.time. like she did in the very first presentation. But assuming there’ll be space for a PS4 game at that time of the year when the Switch launches, this might become a worthy contender.

  • eclectic*raptor

    not sure about the rest of you, but i really try to avoid trailers, specifically story trailers from games i want. i like to see gameplay and i usually mute it.

    ex. most recently, having watched the U4 E3 jeep chase kind of ruined that segment of the game for me – still very fun though! that’s the only part i watched and i’m glad i stopped. didn’t even watch any media reviews until i beat the game.

    • jfelts

      True. That did take away from the experience. I wish developers thought about this more. Hell even movie trailers do the same thing. I realize it is a very fine line though. There had to be some sort of info out there to get enough people interested.

    • Yeah, gotta say, this trailer really is one hell of a spoiler fest. I don’t assume that what happens here happens during the first hour. Looks more like giving away 50 of the game’s story. I really got used to avoid as many trailers in general of stuff. In the case of Zelda a Breath of the Wild I have already given up as that game’s in development forever, but in some cases like Fallout 4, Uncharted 4 or with movies Arrival and Rogue One it totally paid out to block just as much as possible.
      In the case of Zelda it isn’t such a problem to see some stuff going on as that game is still one of the very few that actually offers gameplay above story. So seeing how that game looks doesn’t spoil the experience like it does in that trailer here. But experiencing stories unspoiled creates a completely different way (and indeed the only good one) to get into certain things.

      I believe one of the most important things about pretty much every single product out there, no matter if we’re talking about a movie, music or a new smartphone, is surprise. Especially in these days, where everything is given away by social media coverage, leaks and extended trailers, the ones who manage to (still) surprise the audience are the winners.

      • eclectic*raptor

        yeah, the element of surprise is harder these days with sites doing “1 hour of gameplay” before the games release and making it very accessible (not that i watch them). i almost wish for them to put out a commercial on youtube where you see a compilation of sorts but never really know how it fits together, and make a website with screenshots more or less to show off for the graphic whores 🙂

        i’m so old fashioned that way maybe, but as a kid, i NEVER felt like i saw too much of a game before i played it. it seems now every new AAA game wants to be more and more a cinematic experience, and that is sort of ruining the fun for me; it’s the whole “play” vs. “say” that i referred to in another comment. for instance, i was on ps store last night, and picked up a couple a retro arcadey titles (hotline miami, kung fury street rage, party hard, demo for unravel, which was really enjoyable), and i watched a lot of trailers. i never really understood what overwatch was supposed to be, so i put on the trailer. it started with some backstory, i thought “ok, sooner or later i’ll see the GAME.” about 4 minutes in, no gameplay, and i just couldn’t watch. it was so boring to me. maybe younger generations of gamers think it’s awesome, and that’s totally fine, but i sure don’t.

        • but wasn’t this also because when we were kids, there were not that many cinematic games? Maybe graphic adventures but in that case, if I would’ve seen a trailer showing off most of Monkey Island’s scenes, it would have had the same negative effect. But when I was waiting for Mario 64, I collected every piece of material I could find. I had a folder like some obsessed mental kid with cut out content from magazines or just those 3D renderings that felt so magical back then. And still, when I then got to play it for the first time it really was like I had absolutely no idea what lied before me.
          And yeah, I felt the same with Overwatch. It really was like ‘OK, you’re obviously not able to promote this game with gameplay, so I’m out’ despite the fact that Blizzard is at least very consistent about this as they did this with many games in their history. But somehow today if you really get nothing but CG animations it feels just very strange. But I barely touch online-only games anyways. There was a time when I was into it for a kinda short, but fun time but as online games seem to have grown to become even more the same than single player games, my interest quickly faded. I was completely addicted to Starsiege:Tribes around 2000 which was pretty much the first immersive Sci-Fi Onlinegame offering vehicles, vast environments, teambattles and so on. Today this makes about 50% of online games it seems.

          I’m wondering if its just natures will that people like us who grow out of certain things are damned to bitch about modern developments and the good old days forever 🙂

        • btw OffTopic but as I see your new name/avatar I’m wondering what you think about the Switch presentation?
          I personally got a bit mixed feelings about things but from the Wii and WiiU presentations I expected that feeling to happen and still after just 15 minutes of the presentation passed they had me looking up where I can preorder it immediately 🙂

          • eclectic*ARMS

            as a whole, i thought the presentation was meh and i’m left underwhelmed. i’m very excited about the future of the platform and hearing more about unannounced games, but the only one i haven’t seen that i’m psyched for is Super Mario Odyssey. That looks great, and I’m excited that they are finally taking Mario and putting him in a new setting (as is typical with the 3D games). i’m very glad it’s not Galaxy 3. LoZ:BotW will be awesome, and i look forward playing, though i’m not a die-hard fan of the series. i hope it will really catch my sense of wonder and get me hooked. i really do hope. i did pre-order, along with some other NT guys.

            only 7 weeks!

            EDIT: ARMS LOOKS SOFAKING STUPID. cringe. all the way, though i thought the worst thing was 1-2 Switch. uggghhh

          • Yeah, I agree. This presentation showed that Nintendo should’ve stayed with directs, lol. They actually showed A new Mario game, Todd Howard briefly announced Skyrim, they showed Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, quite some solid titles but managed to present them with the empathy of putting some beloved dictator to the grave. Kimishima might pull the right strings at Nintendo as all of this looks pretty cool, but he got the charisma of these easterisland-statues. All of the guys who presented stuff didn’t really show too much empathy, but I guess that’s also a cultural thing. One reason more why they should have done a presentation for the western audience separately. This just looked like a presentation for shareholders, not customers.

            And yeah, while I wouldn’t say that these games like 12Switch or Arms should be cancelled immediately, showing them off at the main presentation and even at the very first was nothing but stupid. These games might be OK for some folks if they would just appear for a superlowprice as eShop-downloads or as free additions if you buy a controller or something. But dammit, Arms felt like Homer Simpson would have to come up with a gaming idea.
            But I also gota say some part of me is kinda glad they didn’t completely trash motioncontrols. Not like I really need that, but in some cases, they manage to make good use of it, like aiming in Wind Waker HD was really improved by the gyroscope.

            About Mario … meh I don’t know. One of the worst Mario 3D games was Mario Sunshine. I mean it was still a great game, but all decisions to make it more ‘immersive’ and add something like a story told through cutscenes were ultimately the worst part of that game while it of course had some very great strengths as well. But I’m just more a friend of abstract Mario games. Sure, just something like Galaxy 3 would still have been kinda tedious and maybe I’ll love Odyssey. I just hope they don’t go too much for realism. That city-scene just didn’t feel like a Mario game to me, more like some fanmade Unreal-Engine demo. But what the hell, still a day1 buy for me 🙂

            After blocking Zelda stuff for so long, this time they totally had me watching it and I gotta say this was the only thing they managed to present in a way that really made me jump up from my seat. Absolutely stunning and of course a day1 purchase as well 🙂

            Still some bummers: Capacitive touch screen? WTF Nintendo. How. Insanely. Stupid. I mean, maybe they decided that in order to meet the 300 bucks-pricetag, which would be better than cutting other features out. Still I would totally have paid more for a real MT screen. Another theory: Capacitive Touch screens aren’t made of glass and don’t break so easily. Hm. Now that I write that, it seems very legit to me 🙂
            Other bummers like the battery life or the online stuff you need to pay for wasn’t really affecting me as much somehow.

            In the end I just wish they would’ve been able to present it in a way that would do the content more justice.

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