Uncharted 4 Survival mode launches today


Uncharted 4 has gotten a new major update on the PS4 which brings the new Survival mode. Survival is a co-op mode where up to 4 players work together to beat waves of enemies.

Survival features up to 50 waves of enemies, with boss battles in between, and more. The mode even features a singleplayer mode, where you can take on the waves alone.

In addition to Survival, the new update adds two new maps: Train Wreck (from Uncharted 2), and Prison. Some new weapons are added as well, including the classic M4 assault rifle, PAK-80 Light Machine Gun, and the Desert 5 pistol (Desert Eagle).

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  • James Robert Marot

    I’ll just put a like for this. Hehe

  • eclectic*raptor

    When this game gets a price cut I’ll be buying. This new feature could be pretty fun!

    • Depending of what you thought of the rest of the series, there’s a chance you’ll love that game. I always had some problems with some elements like gunfights and enemy waves in the previous games and with every game they got improved. And U4 for me really ended up being a game with all sorts of polished mechanics, possibilities, better control and generally just more fun. When I played U1 there were plenty of things that left me wondering how they could create this huge project without noticing how tedious those enemy waves forinstance were. U4 fo the first time pretty much didn’t make me wish for anything more. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s my favorite game, but it’s definitely the most satisfying PS4 game so far.

      So bottom line, get it as soon as possible, it’s a great ride 🙂

      • eclectic*raptor

        yeah i agree. U1 had waaaay too many “who the hell is shooting me” moments with wave after wave after wave of guys. with each game, as you said, the mechanics have been altered and tightened. i look forward to U4 sometime this winter. if i can grab it for 40 i’ll probably go for it. right now i just have a bunch going on with less time to play, and the uncharted games are games i like to play through in a couple days back to back. i still kind of want to play through U3 in the PS4 collection too before i jump in to U4. played through 1 and 2 last december.

        • yeah it’s not like it’s getting worse but somehow, for the first time in the whole series, U4 felt like a game, that I wouldn’t just put back to the shelf after playing through. And I’m not really talking about MP, though I guess I should try those new modes.

          But well, enjoy U3. I recently listened to a Kane & Rinse-Podcast about it to learn that U3 seemed to be kinda unpopular among fans (and thieves). Maybe I can’t share that as I got it for free which always easen up my critical view a bit, but maybe you just should get to it without expecting something that’s three times better than U2 like some ppl maybe did.
          Maybe Uncharted for me is just such n insanely streamlined experience in general, that it’s generally easier for me to forgive any shortcomings.

          • eclectic*raptor

            I’ve played through all 3, but have not played through 3 on the remaster. I like it quite s bit!

          • ah ok, didn’t understand you’re THAT hardcore ;D
            i understand that some might have had certain expectations after the leap from U1 to U2 must’ve felt quite huge. But I gotta say I loved the desert scene and U3 at least didn’t have such a bad endfight like U2.

          • eclectic*raptor

            it’s funny you mention these points: i agree on all of them, and remember the desert after the plane boss being a huge standout from U3. I also really liked young Nathan Drake at the beginning. Felt very The Last Crusade. Yes, the end boss of U2 was BS, as was the first 30 minutes of the game. After that, it got good real quick and was overall a blast, though the climbing bits are meh, but I see why they are necessary.

            BTW, i just saw an ad on my email page for U4 – picked it up for $29.99 and it’ll be here before the weekend!

          • Fingloi Delos reyes

            WTF Val! #SaveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace

      • Fingloi Delos reyes

        What the fucking shit Val! Whats with this loong fucking comment again? i fcking told you that you are already a fcking waste of space here on earth and your commens are wasting disk Space! Shut the fck up to the minimum already! i fcking told you! fck!
        #SaveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace

        • eclectic*raptor

          Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery LOL

  • Devin Reed

    I downloaded the update and now the game won’t start for me…

  • jfelts

    I wish I hadn’t played and beat all 4 games just so I could play them again.

  • Painter

    Time for me to get back on my 4 hopefully it play this time with out issues …