Sony reveals 5-in-1 PS4 game bundle

Sony has revealed a new PS4 game bundle for the Asian market. The bundle includes Bloodborne, The Last of Us, The Uncharted Collection (3 games), Gravity Rush Remastered, and God of War remastered.

The best part about this bundle is the price: it retails for just $85 in Hong Kong. That’s $15 more than a standard game and it includes five games (7 if you count all three Uncharted games).

The bad news: the game bundle is only confirmed for Asia so far.

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  • Nice :O

    • atadakimasu

      yep nice bundle for someone buying a PS4 right now that did not owned a PS3

      • Gotcha47

        Playing these games on the ps4 is still different then on a ps3…

        • atadakimasu

          True but the best value is still for those who haven’t played those games.

  • yourbuddyegor

    i think that’s god of war 3 remastered

  • Christopher Worthy

    Looks Awesome.

  • yourbuddyegor

    Also if you want all 5 games in the u.s just buy them all at once on amazon. It will run you $103. Only 18 more bucks so that’s not to bad.