Sony announces new wireless headset for PS4


Sony has revealed a new wireless headset for the PS4 and PS VR. Called the “Platinum Wireless Headset”, and it includes active noise cancelling features and 7.1 surround just like the Gold wireless headset.

Another new feature is 3D audio, which is supported by PS VR. So far no PS4 games support 3D audio, but the feature will be coming to Uncharted 4 in a future update.

The new headset will be released on January 17. Sony didn’t reveal the price of the headset, but we expect it to retail above $100.

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  • Mario Diaz

    Kys ps4daily. That headset has been announced since October I believe. And for price range if I’m not mistaken they said $160. Get your facts right and stop being stupid.

    • atadakimasu

      pick up your glasses and read again, the facts are right they may not be precise enough for you and the news may be old news for you.
      Still no need to insult people.

      • Mario Diaz

        Yeah you’re right. That’s my bad for insulting and shouldn’t have done so. I was in the wrong and I sincerely apologize to you and to ps4daily.

  • Should be possible to also use that thing with smart-devices or my computer, shouldn’t it?

    • eclectic*raptor

      I think so

  • Latham

    Would never use it. Got an isolated gaming cave where big sound is welcome.

    But, I’ll buy that it anyway. 3D Audio headset. Sure.

    • TC0072

      There was another report about the headset which said 3D Audio only worked when it was connected with a cable. Need to find out if that’s true as it kills them for me.

      • Latham

        Yeah, I just got up to speed on it. For VR, mobile and 3D audio you’ll need to run it through the 3.5mm audio cable. Wtf…

        Having said that the wireless mode still supports noise cancelling and 7.1 virtual surround. I’ll need to check em out in store first next month to see what the quality is like as it does have the PS logo on there. Always a good look for the collection.

        • TC0072

          VR I understand, it’s the VR box that handles the 3D audio but for normally games it makes no sense. So are they talking about us plugging it into the controller? There’s nowhere on the PS4 to plug it in.

          • Latham

            I’m assuming all the work is in the software, hence the patch for uncharted and yeah, through the controller as standard.

            I’m still interested as I have a condition which rendered my VR headset an exclusive item for other members in my household and not myself. Like the 3D process used in modern movies since avatar, I cannot process the images. Causes vertigo, nausea, vomiting and then according to my physician death. Bummer huh.

  • Johnny Star

    Is it true 7.1 surround sound or like the gold with “virtual” 7.1?

  • Gabriel Massa

    How will it be connected to the PS4 slim that has no optical out to send surround? will it use the HDMI or an adapter to output optical?