Merry Christmas from PS4Daily!

PlayStation 4 Xmas

We at PS4Daily would like to wish all of our readers out there a Merry Christmas! We hope you got some great presents (and gave some) and hopefully those presents included some PS4 games 🙂 And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, have an awesome day and play some awesome games!

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  • eclectic*raptor

    Anyone get sweet PS4 shit for Christmas? I got the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Libertalia Collector’s Edition. It’s pretty great, and the steelbook art is graphic novel style. I dig.

    *Yes, Val, I bought the normal game, then like a day after I got it in the mail my wife gave me this collector’s edition for Christmas. LMAO Time to sell the other copy!

    • haha buying stuff before christ,as is rarely a good idea. good wife btw 🙂

      • eclectic*raptor

        She broke our $100 stocking only rule this year lol. Great wife, actually 🙂

        Any new games come your way this December?

        • not yet; i got some budget but couldn’t tell what game to get. Rise of the Tomb Raider would be interesting, Dishonored 2 is said to be pretty good, Last Guardian is something I’ve been waiting for ages and FFXV also looks pretty good. The problem is just that neither of them trigger the instant-buy reflex. But after I might be able to oversee Last Guardians cons and value it as what it is, I might pick that one. Then again, never playes MGS5 and ground zeroes and phantom pain are sold for less than 20 bucks combined. Also a tempting option. So you see I can’t really decide 🙂

          • eclectic*raptor

            i’m shooting for rise of the tomb raider sometime this winter, but heard there was input lag and it messed up the gameplay? can anyone reading here confirm? i saw it in a digital foundry video comparison of this game PS4 vs. Xone

          • seems to have been fixed:
            but Ingot time anyways as I wanted to play throughbthe first one which I stopped doing somewhere in between 🙂

          • eclectic*raptor

            awesome! i’ll definitely be picking this up then. just ordered TR: Definitive Edition. It is worth playing again in 60 FPS, and I like the PS4 controller (minus the options button being way too small).

          • the PS4 pad is definitely the first controller from Sony that I really like indeed. After the Wii era it still hurt to step back to shoot with analogsticks as I liked doing it with the Wiimote and hoped this could be a thing in the days to come. Yeah, maybe a bit naive and in the end, analog sticks might still be the best compromise but I really had a hard time getting used to aim with analog sticks (again) and in the end it never felt as good as with the PS4’s dual shock pad.

            That being said, I might still pick The Last Guardian. I know it’s a mixed bag, but I’m quite into games that come from visionary directors or studios and I gotta say I’m pretty tired of playing the typical mix of Action-Adventures with RPG elements and skill trees all over and over again. I mean, not THAT tired as I still dig all games I called out here, but TLG looks like something that might be able to show me something new for once.

            But still not sure, I’ll celebrate new years in a small hut on a mountain and when I come back next year, I might have gained the wisdom to nail my ultimate decision 🙂

          • eclectic*raptor

            Yes right now I’m tired to death of the skill trees… Let me know what you think of TLG. Enjoy New Years; That little hut on a mountain sounds amazing!

          • Happy new year too!
            And yeah it’s pretty awesome 😬😬😬

          • Meh, I still can’t really decide and bought Firewatch for now. I saw Witcher 3 GotY is also pretty cheap and now I’m thinking that buying TLG for 60 bucks is kinda insane compared to the value of Witcher 3 GotY for 40 bucks. But I don’t got time to play such a game right now, same goes with MGSV or FFXV. I’m sure I’d love these games, but they demand so much time. That’s why I thought Firewatch might be a good choice as one of the main points of criticsism is its length. But after I’m still not through Uncharted 4 and still playing Fallout 4 after more than a year, I believe it will still take me ages to complete that ;D

          • eclectic*raptor

            haha i totally understand that; in recent years i’ve strayed form games that will demand more than a 15-20 playthrough for couple reasons: 1) time is precious 2) i want to experience many, many games 3) i like to look for games that have potential to play more than once (rarely happens anymore unless it’s online MP, and i really only play one game online).

            i just bought firewatch a couple weeks ago! played the first hour and so far i enjoy it. i wanted something different as i don’t really care for the whole “walking simulator” games, but the relationship between the henry and delilah in the trailer piqued my interest, and i heard it was not a long complete time. i got it really cheap, so why not? also, i was drawn to the setting. love the wilderness, and have been to wyoming national parks, so i kind of wanted to relive that through this game. enjoy it!

            i am in chapter 13 or 14 of uncharted 4. as much as i’m enjoying it, the gameplay seems a bit too secondary, even with the fun dialogue, especially compared to 2 and 3, and that’s kind of bugging me. there’s so much dialogue sometimes that i get antsy, and there are far less enemy encounters. i’m still enjoying the game, but 2 just goes climbing/stealth/ACTIONACTIONACTION and i enjoy it more because you got to play all the scenarios at a better pace. i do like that it’s not the SAME as the others though with what can seem like endless waves of dudes.

          • played into firewatch and it seems to be far more interesting than I though. I honestly just digged it for it’s nice artstyle and now it got some heart too.
            A nd what I like in Uncharted is just, that everything feels so good and polished. And yes, the kinda funny thing about this game is, while I hated the never ending waves in some of the previous games, fighting enemies here feels so much better, you really would like to have more of it. I especially like that you really can solve gunfights with different tactics. Sure nothing too complex, but solving something completely stealth or blowing everything apart makes everything feel less repetitive. I’m actually not sure where I stopped playing, started over again with a friend and it’s gonna take us forever to reach that point anyways, but maybe we’ll do it before the DLC arrives 🙂

  • Christopher Worthy

    These fools that get a PS4 then find out they have to fork out £40 for it’s PlayStation Plus which strangly doesn’t say on the PS4’s box.