Developer: PS4 Pro is equivalent to a $900 PC


The PS4 Pro is the most powerful gaming console ever released, and according to the developer behind ARK: Survival Evolved, the PS4 Pro performance is almost on par with a high-end PC.

Studio Wildcard co-Founder Jeremy Stieglitz says that the $400 PS4 Pro console performs as well as a PC that costs more than twice as much.

He said in an interview with WCCFtech:

“We estimate its raw GPU performance is similar to an NVIDIA 970, and along with CPU improvements and overall more memory, it’s a really high benchmark for console performance.”

The PS4 Pro is about twice as powerful as the regular PS4, and offers 4K gaming support, either true 4K, or upscaled using the checkerboard technique.

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  • The Gamer

    Whoever wrote this must be out of their mind..The Pro is not that powerful Hell the Xbox one s Plays 4K dvds the Pro can’t and the only ones buying a pro are those who own a 4k tv and not that many do..I own one but could careless about happy with the ps4 i have now..not forking out 400 dollars for such a small upgrade

    • atadakimasu

      I like a good troll after lunch

    • djape


    • Mystic Gohan

      The xbox one playing 4k “dvds” as you call it (smh) has nothing to do with playing games. I really dont care who is buying it. Do what you want. But you sound like a child.

      • hi v3.0

        I blocked him idk what he said but he was being a b*tch on NintendoToday too

        • Gotcha47

          Lol 4k blu ray player, why is this important. Streaming movies is the future and buying 4k movies is expensive. So 4k movies are possible on the pro. More and more are offering 4k streaming. And small upgrade , double power is not a small upgrade. And yes the ps4 is that powerfull in comparising to pc. Get a graphics card on pc that plays the games full power and vr, puts you back 1000 euro ! So 400 euro and a complete system instead of 3000 to 4000 euro for a gamer pc. And both ps4 pro and xbox s do upscaling. But the ps4 comes way closer to 4k then the xbox s in playing games. Also the difference in numbers sold will give the ps4 the edge. It will have the games and exclusives. And Nintendo is still not interesting for the normal gamer. For kiddy’s maybe.

          • The Switch seems to be appealing to the mainstream audience so far. Not wanna start a Nintendo-Pro/Contra-speech, just saying that If Nintendo doesn’t completely mess things up from now, they could definitely enter the mainstream’s radar once again. And there are no kiddies in demographics.

          • hi v3.0

            I agree with you until I read the last 2 sentences screw you

          • The Gamer

            @Gothcha47 Facepalm! Atleast i know longer have to see any of you losers..A great way to never see losers like oh hell since i blocked them i guess they don’t matter lol Bye bye πŸ™‚ oh and enjoy you’re gaystation hahahahaha

        • blocked him too. it’s just a never ending fountain of bullshit mixed with sef-righteousness. Waste of time and energy.

        • Mystic Gohan

          That blocking feature is really nice isn’t it lol

      • The Gamer
      • Painter

        I’m a child … lol but seriously I just buy a console to play games I like and have fun ppl that share the same interest in games as I do. That’s all I don’t care for all the fancy specs slight visual updates, just have fun playing the game.

        • Mystic Gohan

          Nothing wrong with that

    • wolf fang

      not that powerful because it can’t play 4k dvds? Lol

      • hi v3.0

        lmao that’s why I blocked him yesterday after he told me he blocked me !

        • don’t worry, he’s an idiot. Doesn’t know shit about gaming in general and tries to force everyone to think as constrained as he does.

      • The Gamer

        @disqus_uyZlZpvgf6:disqus Wow i actually feel sorry for you…You want to troll me so bad but you fail at it..Keep that helmet on and don’t let the rejection letters from the special olympics get you down bro one day they will say
        you’re not to stupid to join them..Keep reaching for the stars..Got love the last word…Bye bye! πŸ™‚

        • wolf fang

          Lol you say im stupid yet you said 4k dvd drives = graphic performance xD I’ll say you’re the troll here

    • jfelts

      You also wouldn’t find 4k players in a $900 PC

      • The Gamer

        Very true but i could really care less about 4K just give 1080p im all good

    • ReturnoftheBrotha .

      I have a 4K TV and I still have not seen true 4K and I have had the TV for like three years now. I ordered a Pro, hoping it will help with NBA 2k16/17 online latency issues!

  • whatacutebum .

    I’ll just wait for the ps5

    • Gotcha47

      And then you keep waiting for the ps6. I enjoy the games now….

      • I guess he means he has a PS4 and skips the PS4Pro. Which totally makes sense to me. In a wold where console gens doesn’t make leaps anymore, I don’t see a need to artificially reduce these leaps even more. And pay extra.

        • whatacutebum .

          Exactly. I love the PS4 and most of the games that come out (even the indie ones), however, there is no need for the pro (unless you have a 4K telly, which I do not) so I will wait for the PS5.

          • The Gamer

            Val berger is an idiot

          • eclectic*raptor

            No need to be rude. Did I miss something?

          • block him. It feels good. Dunno what he said, but it probably wasn’t worth your time and nerves anyways. He’s just kinda naive and not interested in discussions.

          • eclectic*raptor

            strange, the guy just went apeshit on people it seems lol

          • yeah couldn’t agree more. Maybe I’m just getting old, but after the leap between PS3 and PS4 already didn’t feel that awesome anymore (not like it used to like PSX to PS2 or SNES to N64… goddammit that was insane …) I wouldn’t even expect the difference from PS4 to PS5 tobe groundbreaking, so why destroying that effect even more?
            Plus looking at games like Uncharted 4 and upcoming games, I’m very fine with what I see. And my HDTV will do it for quite some years from now, so I don’t plan buying any new TV in the next 4 years.

            That being said, looking forward the PS5 generation and the outlook of having a hardware that’s able to offer me 4K HDR gaming while also being able to fill it with content and maybe enable new directions as well is still something to look forward to. The PS4 Pro just isn’t that, it’s just an upscaled PS4 delivering pretty much the same possibilities, mechanics and so on. It’s nice for ppl who have the money and no idea in what else to invest it, so have fun.

          • Painter

            Does the Nintendo switch fit into there? Or is the Wii U still there?

          • The Nintendo Switch might also not deliver that leap and gameplaywise even mean a downgrade as certain mechanics we had on the WiiU won’t be possible there (or at least not as far as we know right now).
            So yeah, it’s somehow strange, but despite the Switch not delivering an insane boost in performance (I mean, mabye it will, but I wouldn’t bet on it) and not really delivering new gaming-mechanics like the Wii and WiiU did it’s still a system I personally am absolutely looking forward to. I guess the sheer mobility-aspect of that system is enough here to sell it at least to me.
            Another nice thing about the Switch is just it’s marketing and the fact that it’s already now appealing to far more ppl than the WiiU might have ever achieved to. For me this is a good indicator that it will get far better support from 3rd parties and a bigger audience in general.
            So the best selling points of that system are kinda unusual ones. In terms of tech I’d say it could pretty much end up being a WiiU Pro …lol πŸ™‚ Then again … Just not caring about the distance to the WiiU main console anymore is also something pretty cool.

          • Fingloi Delos reyes

            #SaveTheEarthSpace #SaveTheDiskSpace

          • you opened my eyes. I really should write more! Thanks you little shit, I really love you!

          • eclectic*raptor

            Yup, no need to update the hardware if it plays the same games. I’m curious when the next update will be, and it had better be PS5 or equivalent. Not sure the console model as we know it will continue. Might be incremental upgrades going forward if these new ones sell.

          • I guess I already wrote som comment (essay πŸ˜‰ ) about that somewhere. I think it would be interesting if they would just rename the PS4 to ‘PS’, making it a system that only gets as you said incremental upgrades. It would be just like ppl are used from for instance the iPhone. ever since the first one launched, the whole system remained the same. Digital downloads stayed on your account and the whole architecture pretty much remained the same so ppl knew what to expect. And on consoles I think it gets more annoying with every new iteration that you have to rebuy all digital purchases you already paid for before. I think what’s already a common thing to expect on phones would perfectly fiot to what ppl see in a console.
            Plus that way ppl could just skip 2 or maybe 3 incremental upgrades and it would be pretty much the same as buying a PS5, even if it isn’t called like that.

            I think it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. There were times, when you pretty much got a different system with every iteration. But after the PS3, buying a PS4 already felt so much like just an updated version instead of a reimagination, I might not care that much anymore. At least not on Sony’s side.

            Nintendo is still a company that might be more into experimenting with stuff. Although I got the feeling that they could do just what I described above with the Switch. At least according to NVidia, that whole partnership is there to last them something like 10-20 years.

          • atadakimasu

            It will most likely happen. The issue was that when PS1 2 and 3 Sony and microsoft decided to have hardware that is different than PC and for good reason for the 1 and 2. It is arguable on the 3. But now that the architecture is fixed and wont change. All of this will be possible. Tough it does not means it will happen.

          • I believe one company will just throw the first stone at some point. And thinking about how Microsoft named their console XBox One, like introducing us to a new era of XBox, it would make sense that this was what they always intended to so. So Scorpio could just be renamed in XBox Two, while staying 100% compatible with everything happening on the XBone.
            Ah … we’ll see.

      • whatacutebum .

        Why would I wait for the PS6 when the PS5 hasn’t been made?

    • The Gamer


  • Thenameless685

    well mid range gpu give you atleast 970 performance….so at best its a mid range pc which would put it between 480-800 bucks depending on the parts

    • Gotcha47

      Aha 480 -800 bucks , 4k monitor, logitech mouse, keyboard almost cost that much. So it is not a mid range pc that is a low end pc.

      • Thenameless685

        so if you buy a ps4 pro are you gonna factor in the 4k tv and ps plus subscription also?

  • Dave Molner

    sorry but my 970 shits all over ps pro


    Surely VR will play a big part in the PS5 development.

    If VR is a hit this generation then this will be reflected in the consoles spec.

    PS4 Pro is powerful (in the games department) but the gaming worlds will be restricted by the power of the basic PS4 console. Like Sony said just better textures….etc

    I think PS5 will be a noticeable leap as 4K and maybe VR will all be catered for from day one of the PS5 release.

  • Latham

    Cool, so when I get back to HK in two weeks and unwrap my shiny new PS4 pro – I’ll not be disappointed. Groovy.

    Although, a single GTX 970 is really not high end. I’d say more accurately it’s the most mainstream middle weight enthusiast card on the market. Especially in terms of market penetration. But high end? No.

    My main PC for gaming right now is still a couple of GTX 980ti’s in sli. Which I’ve had since Sep last year. No plans to upgrade just yet.

  • Painter

    That might be stronger then my Intel i3 8 gig PC …