Ace Combat 7 looks awesome on PlayStation VR

Ace Combat 7 is coming exclusively to the PS4 and PlayStation VR next year, and if you were looking for another reason to buy the VR headset, Ace Combat 7 could be just that: a new gameplay video shows the off-screen footage of the jet fighter game, and it looks stunning.

If there’s one type of games that do extremely well on VR, it’s games where players are in a cockpit of sort. Not just because it puts the player in a fighter jet or space ship, but also because the very nature of seeing a “cockpit” in VR minimizes motion sickness, because players have a clear point of reference.

Ace Combat 7 will be released next year exclusively on the PS4 and PS VR.

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  • eclectic*raptor

    FYI: As of this writing in the US, Doom PS4 is $19.99 on

    • So was this the U4-dscount you were talking about just a few hours ago? 🙂

      • eclectic*raptor

        LOL yeah I’ll have time to play after the holiday so why not? Perfect timing and good price 🙂

  • Think i’d feel sick playing this, DriveClubVR is deadly enough.
    Graphically, it looks good though. AC 6 was always fun to play