Uncharted 4 co-op mode revealed

A while back, developer Naughty Dog promised players some co-op multiplayer features, and next month, they’ll be delivering just that.

The new Uncharted 4 Co-op mode is called “Survival”, which will debut at the PlayStation Experience next month. It’s based on the Co-op arena mode from Uncharted 2 and 3. Basically, players team up to defend against hordes of enemy players.

Naughty Dog says there will be Survival will feature 50 waves of enemies across 10 maps, with each 10 waves culminating in a big boss fight.

Survival supports up to three players, and players can also play the mode alone with bots.

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  • Oblivion

    Does anyone ever find these modes fun? I can’t stand them.

    • I guess it might just be a question of what type of gamer you are. Some play that stuff 24/7 and some like me are into SP-experiences only.

  • Latham

    Big Boss here? Now?

  • James Robert Marot

    I’d like to try it out

  • That guy


  • michaelknight31

    im waiting for the single player dlc to come out

    • Wondering how MP-DLCs still seem to be that much more popular looking at how rarely SP-DLCs are released (of any game).
      Because I’m too only looking forward playing the SP-DLC but like it happened with other games, it could never come out.

      • michaelknight31

        Im sure it will come out b4 gta5 single player dlc come out if it ever come out but uncharted4 single player dlc probably will come out early next year

        • yeah, they delivered a story DLC for Last of Us, so they might deliver here as well. And yeah, GTA5 might be the reason why I’m so cautious 🙂

  • Painter