Conan plays Final Fantasy XV. And he hates it.

Funny man Conan O’Brien is back with his Clueless Gamer segment, where he, as the clueless gamer, plays the latest games. This time, it’s Final Fantasy XV, and Conan isn’t a fan, to say the lest.

He played the game with Elijah Wood, who were both flabbergasted at the game, where they’re just walking around and where nothing is happening. “Why is this a game?” Conan asks.

It’s the longest he’s ever played a game on Clueless Gamer, and he concludes that “I don’t know what we achieved, I don’t know what we were trying to achieve, I have no sense of satisfaction.”

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  • jfelts

    Their faulty for showing them what is most likely the worst parts of the game (here’s hoping anyway).

  • demiaek

    Top 10 best game

    • MrTravan

      That’s a matter of opinion.

  • Kyle

    Well not everyone enjoys RPG’s

    • Painter

      I don’t enjoy RPGs

  • That guy


  • MrTravan

    He captured my feelings of RPG’s perfectly. I would literally rather sit in silence and look at a wall than play any RPG ever made. Obviously millions of people like them, so I’m glad they have these games, but I just can’t play them. To each their own for sure.

  • Latham

    Clueless alright…
    Conan’s a character though. 😂

  • AndyArmani

    Well FFXV is supposedly set on the distant planet Eos or something?? And they have American Express, Audi, Beats and serveral other earth brands. It’s become a joke

  • The Big Donkey

    He should have played Watch Dogs 2, that would have been so funny!