PS4 Slim is considerably quieter than the original PS4

The PS4 Slim is not only smaller and lighter than the regular PS4, it’s actually quieter, according to a new analysis.

The guys at Links-Tech measured the loudness of the PS4 Slim to between 21db and 23db while playing No Man’s Land. The regular PS4 gets between 28db and 31db under the same circumstances.

Which means that the PS4 Slim is considerably quieter — 21db is barely room tone, meaning you likely won’t hear it at all when playing games.

The PS4 Slim will be officially revealed tomorrow in New York.

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  • James Robert Marot

    In a completely silent room? I’ll trust its quieter

  • fireheartis1

    Well were was the comparison with the original PS4? I didn’t get any since of it being more quiet since there was no real comparison.

  • djape

    The PS4 does get noisy when working hard.!,

    • Chongtlewis1

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  • hi got banned

    is better cuz its loud as hell sometimes

    • Gotcha47

      Simple question for you, why did you buy a ps4 ? Until know you try to be negative about anything of the ps4. If you think 40 million plus users will now buy xbox one then you are mistaken.

      • hi got banned

        you do know im hyped for persona 5 right…

    • Adrian

      btw, your picture of Allen Walker doesn’t look like a facial expression he would make!

      • hi got banned

        well this picture was drew from the author herself

  • jfelts

    Will this ps4 be able to go online unlike the current one?

  • irish33

    Mine is up.and running now. Just in time for me to go to sleep. Thanks.

  • Gotcha47

    Not real noisy or irritating. If you have a ps4 why should the slim be interesting ?

    • it can get loud and for some its an issue. mine sits behind the tv, so I don’t really mind.

      • Fingloi Delos reyes

        I fcking told you Val… GTFOoooo…

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          • The Big Donkey

            Comeback paragraph of the year.

          • hi got banned


          • thedeciderU

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            Please, Fingloi, respond so this shit show can continue!

          • Fingloi Delos reyes

            I wont give you the satisfaction biotch!