PlayStation VR unboxing (video)

The PlayStation VR headset launches in just a few weeks, and Sony’s isn’t waiting for some YouTuber to steal their thunder with the first unboxing video. So they did it themselves.

Sony has posted an in-depth unboxing video of the PlayStation VR headset, giving us a good look at everything that’s in the box.

The version that’s unboxed is the “core” version, the $400 version that does not include Move controllers of the PlayStation Camera.

You can use PlayStation VR without the Move controllers, but you do need the camera, which retails for $50.


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  • hi got banned ( again )

    This looks so cool but I can’t get it, I want so many stuffs but I can’t get anything :'(

    • Kyle

      I know those feelings bro

    • yourbuddyegor

      Same here. If i wasn’t holding off for the NX i’d probably get it.

    • Brick

      broke club

    • companyoflosers

      I usually have just enough for stuff like this when I want it. only downside (if you can call it a downside) is no money for going out and being social. honestly though id rather a badass setup over going out and getting drunk and acting like an idiot anyways.

      • thedeciderU

        Drinking at home is a fraction of the cost πŸ™‚

        Act like an idiot at home lol

  • companyoflosers

    the headset itself looks cheap. like the cheap kind of plastic youde see toys made of.


    I’m holding fire as I want to see what support games developers give it as it is a lot of money to spend on top of the PS4 console itself!

  • Miesiu

    Move controllers from PS3 are cheap.

  • Golgo 13

    i was gonna get this but the games look wack so ill see if better games come out

  • irish33

    I cancelled my pre-order. I have to see games I really want to play. My buddy getting it. I’ll check his out first. Who the fook is this guy.

    • Dorothytflores1

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