A look at our No Man’s Sky video review [VIDEO]

In case you missed it, we’ve posted our review of No Man’s Sky over at our new site, GameFans! As you might have seen from our first impressions of the game, we didn’t like much at first. Our final impressions didn’t really change our opinion. Here’s our conclusion:

No Man’s Sky is a game that highly encourages the player to explore, but doesn’t provide them with the resources nor motivation to do so until they’ve sunk enough time to upgrade their inventory space. By that point, their drive to play this endless, repetitive, and disappointing game will likely have dissipated. Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games plan to update No Man’s Sky with base-building mechanics, but in its current state the game simply doesn’t have enough content to support its $60 price tag nor its near endless universe.

Head on over to GameFans to check out the full review and see what our final score was. Or you could just watch the video review to get a small large taste of what No Man’s Sky has to offer.

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  • TomDobo

    I havent played this in over a week now and i feel as if i wont play it again. I enjoyed the time i had with it but there is nothing the game has to offer to pull me back in. The game is just a rinse and repeat game.

    • Jessey

      Agreed. It’s a real shame how this all ended up.

  • djape


  • fireheartis1

    The game at least looks good, but with all the negative buzz I don’t know if I should pick it up. Plus a little off topic here, but I visit both PS4daily and WiiUDaily and I’ve noticed there is more people commenting on WiiUDaily. What is up with that? There is way more PS4 owners and no one comes here to look for news?!? That seems very crazy to me.