PS4 Slim leaks online


The PS4 slim has leaked online on an auction site. The seller has posted several images of the console and the box, and the whole thing looks very legit.

According to the box, it’s a 500 GB console that comes with a standard DualShock 4 controller and standard accessories found in the regular PS4.

The seller appears to be from the UK and wants just £295 for the console.

Sony will beholding a media event on September 7 to unveil a new console — it’s probably the Slim and/or the PS4 Neo.

Here are some more photos of the PS4 Slim:








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  • Megalomania

    Looks real, wouldn’t be surprised if it is.

    But man is it ugly.

  • Tay

    No thank you, i’ll stick with the old model and my 4 TB hdd

  • Entropyguy

    Let’s hope it’s not real, because it looks ugly as sin.

  • Dustin Worth

    This is kind of following theme. The ps3 slim was pretty ugly too. They went with cheaper looking plastic and a simple, easy to make case. I would imagine it’s all to save money.

  • hm, don’t really think it’s that ugly. I mean we had worse looking consoles and all in all, I sa the bigger the uglier. The WiiU isn’t necessarily a beauty, but its so compact, it just feels sleek and kinda invites to be taken around. So this is basically just a black flat box with quite some power under the hood, which for me makes quite a nice design. It’s not like someone would visit you, see this thing and ask ‘awwww what’s that ugly thing sitting there?’
    It just looks like any settop box, Apple TV or whatever’s below your TV these days.


    Could be true and that distribution warehouses have them unstuck ready to roll out.

    If so Sony has been busy with this Slim version and the new NEO plus the VR headset coming soon.

    I think Nintendo is waiting for all this Sony news to settle before they do their press conference for the NX.

    • Gotcha47

      The nx is already outdated…

      • companyoflosers

        consoles in general are, but thats the compromise you make for affordability and accessibility vs having to build a pc. if you care that much about being up to date, you are talking in the wrong comments section.

        • thedeciderU

          he loves saying that shit.

  • djape

    it looks shit

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      No, I’m pretty sure shit would be more of a brown. That’s definitely a PlayStation 4.

  • Xvldark

    Its ugly af but i would get it just for the fact that i wont be turning off the damm thing everytime im goig to eject a disc :’D

  • Gotcha47

    Well wait and see.

  • fireheartis1

    Looks okay but I will stick to my original PS4. It looks so sleek under the TV.

  • atadakimasu

    Now the real question will be. Is that design the same one for the NEO. because if the NEO is more powerful and slim with a bigger HDD. Now that will be interesting

  • James Robert Marot

    It looks weak and its 500gig low capacity is not going to work for me. Up up and away with the Neo then

  • ian

    Someone can explain to me.. this is the PS4 NEO that is up to roll 4K content or is just the regular PS4 with a slim chassi? I want to change my old PS3 slim in november and someone can help me to understand?

    • This is the original PS4, in a smaller form factor.

      We don’t know what the NEO looks like as of yet, but Sony are holding a press conference on September 13th. Since the NEO is slated for a 2016 release (Subject to change), Sony is expected to show off NEO in its entirety (Looks, Price, Games and Specs).

      • ian

        Thanks Yuma… now it’s clear for me!