PS4 sales reach 43 million, Sony expects 60 million by March 2017

PS4 sales reach 43 million, Sony expects 60 million by March 2017

During Sony’s recent quarterly earnings report — where the PS4 accounted for the lion’s share of the company’s profits — the Japanese tech giant revealed just how many units of the popular console they have sold so far.

The number is at 43.5 million shipped units, and considering that the shipped number has been very close to the actual sold number when it comes to the PS4, it’s safe to assume that the console has sold at least 43 million units.

And Sony sees no sign of sales slowing down: they expect sales to hit an impressive 60 million units by March 2017. Which is quite realistic, as they sold over 3.5 million units in the last three months alone.

Don’t forget that Sony will release PlayStation VR in October, which should boost sales. Especially if the PS4 Neo console is also released.

On the other hand, there will be increased competition from Microsoft’s updated Xbox One S console.

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  • The Gamer

    Not bad but i don’t see it reaching 100 million though and depending on what NX does it may be hit itself but than who knows at this point but congrats on the numbers sony

    • Mildredmcraft3

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      • The Gamer

        Blocked and goodbye

        • Gotcha47

          Same here

  • hi got banned

    Well the ps4 is pretty much unstoppable
    lets just wait to see what the NX really is

  • PSR Neo 1tb or more is what they nees to drop in stores, no more 500gb. Xbox is already beating them in system storage

  • That guy

    That’s not going to happen with the Neo coming out soon!