PlayStation accounts for 78% of Sony’s quarterly profit


Sony’s fiscal earnings report shows that the company’s brightest star is the PlayStation division, which accounted for 78% of Sony’s profit last quarter. The company generated $3.2 billion in revenue thanks to its game and network services, which is up nearly 15% from the same quarter last year.

The PlayStation side of its business brought in a whopping $427 million of its $546 million in quarterly profits, which shows gaming is big business for Sony. Sony also pointed out that this increase in revenue is mostly due to games and not new hardware.

[via GameFans]

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  • hi got banned

    Not surprised and the percentage should be higher each other. Let’s be honest no one cares about Sony phones or their TVs …. Only PlayStation…. And Sony Pictures but that’s it

    • There is a problem with image of Sony.

      TV-set – Samsung produce TV with more functions, 3D-stereoscope (yes I know – in real it is bad, mulfunction, etc)


      AV devices – this segment is over, now people connect laptop, TV, mobile to aplituner, generaly as part of TV like any sub-woffer
      Walkman – now in every mobile
      Mobile – budget version like series “D” & “E” are unusable at all. Classic errors – like Android 4.4 on “D” and not working VPN, problem with even change wallpapers.
      etc, etc, etc – Sony gave&give up on many segment step by step.

  • Sony GO ON !!!

    • Mildredmcraft3

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  • Just keep making beautiful exclusives like uncharted 4 and horizon zero dawn and you will keep getting those high profits every quarters. Btw please realase the ps4neo with 1tb or more

    • That guy

      Uncharted 4 has only sold 3 million as of July 16.

  • Fingloi Delos reyes

    nothing beats GTAV Online online.