World of FInal Fantasy’s E3 2016 trailer is Unapologetically adorable [VIDEO]

Whelp, E3 2016 hasn’t quite started yet, but Square Enix is off to a good start. Yesterday they released the latest trailer for World of Final Fantasy, a game feature an ensemble cast from various Final Fantasy games and some of the cutest chibi characters I’ve ever seen.

The lip sync kind of ruins it though, but the team has until the game’s worldwide release of October 25, 2016 to get that sorted out. Until then, prep your PS4 and PS Vitas because this looks like it’ll be a fun ride!

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  • BL4CKSH33P

    I actually want this. Hm.

  • Adrian

    God damnit I need this.

  • Adrian

    And it finally looks turn based!!!