Rumor: No Man’s Sky delayed

No Man's Sky

According to a new rumor, published by Kotaku, Hello Games’ ambitious, procedurally-generated space game, No Man’s Sky will not be meeting its release date of June 21st. Sources close to the outlet have stated that No Man’s Sky will be delayed for an undisclosed reason.

One of the source,s who appears to work at GameStop, said that the store received updated marketing posters changing the availability date from “June 21st” to “Coming Soon.” If their sources are right, then No Man’s Sky will be available later this summer, likely in July or August.

No Man’s Sky was last featured as part of IGN’s “IGN First” series where they showed off extensive, uncut gameplay, NPC interactions, and more beautiful space travel.

[via Kotaku]

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  • Nerkey

    Disappointing but not surprised!! I guess I can wait a couple more months.

  • Sylvain Labelle

    I rather wait a couple more months to make the game come out with no bugs

  • That guy

    Just like ever game on all consoles.

  • Making a wish for cute things

    I never expected this game for before November.

  • Mark Treen

    The first time i saw no mans sky it blew my friggin mind can’t wait to play it

  • June was a ridiculous date to release a game that hyped to begin with. Sure in autumn it might face more competition, but still, summer ain’t the time to release a blockbuster.

    • SOMEGUY7893 .

      I’d say just release it when it’s ready and spend more on marketing if it has a ton of competition.

      • ‘when it’s ready isn’t always a good thing though. But I understand what you’re saying. At this point I’d just say NMS seems like everything but a rushed game. Dunno why, it just feels that way, especially because Hello games aren’t as depending on a commercial success as for instance an EA studio would be.
        Anyways, I believe the best projects are made with some idea of a schedule and milestones in mind. a few delays aren’t a drama, but if games get delayed over years, it can somehpw harm the expeirence and often doesn’t speak for the publisher or the studio behind it.
        Obvious example for this is Duke Nukem Forever or Aliens: Colonial Marines. Example against it might be some games of the zelda series which in the vase of Ocarina of Time or right now with Zelda U let their fans wait for years after their initial release date and then deliver a pretty polished and remarkable product (at least I hope so for the current game).

        Whats a bit concerning right now is, that NMS could be extremely boring and we wouldn’t have a chance to see that from the footage. Maybe it’s interesting to scout through a few worlds and sooner or later that whole generates content is just repeating itself too must to create immersion. And as we haven’t really seen too many real gameplay mechanics apart from fly there, go around, look around, it could also end up like some 7/10ish mediocre game that just lives from a good presentation (I call it the Molyneux-effect)