Check out these gorgeous Gran Turismo Sport screenshots

Check out these gorgeous Gran Turismo Sport screenshots

Gran Turismo Sport is coming this Fall exclusively on the PS4, and recently we got to check out some off-screen gameplay footage that looked fantastic. Now we’ve got a series of gorgeous screenshots that show just how detailed the world of GT Sport is.

Check out the screen below. Gran Turismo Sport drops on November 15th. Unlike previous games in the series, the number of cars and tracks is somewhat reduced: GT Sport will feature 137 cars and 19 tracks. By comparison, Gran Turismo 6 featured over 1,000 cars.

Gran Turismo Sport screenshots

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  • TC0072

    “The best looking racing game ever?” – no

    They say they still have a lot of work to do but right now it’s not even the best looking racing game on PS4, that’s DriveClub.

  • How I see it, the game has a photo mode (as shown in the footage). Here it lets you place a car on a photorealistic background and for the picture, it gets rendered with dedicated shaders and postfx, Yes and that’s exactly why you believe is in game footage when you write ‘how detailed the world of GT Sport is’.
    The actual gameplay looks very different. It might look better when it’s 100% finished, but if you look at how the tracks look in ingame footage and compare it to these screenshots, it’s just something completely different (and actually more believable)

    • Fingloi Delos reyes

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      • But I didn’t eat raw meat today. Not today!!!!!

  • Kyle

    Now let’s wait for a downgrade