Risk of Rain is still coming to PS4 and PS Vita with new features

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In 2014, developer Hopoo Games announced that they would be bringing their procedural platformer Risk of Rain to the PS4 and PS Vita. Since then, PlayStation fans have been mostly left in the dark to wonder if the port was still in development. Well, the good news is that it is. The developer took to the PlayStation Blog yesterday to re-announce the port and provide an update on what PlayStation-exclusive features to expect when the game launches in “early 2016.”

When PS4 and PS Vita gamers jump into the world of Risk of Rain and seek out friends or strangers to play co-op with, they can do so without worrying about port forwarding or anything complicated. This new version will include automatic matchmaking, making getting a group of four together to face the perils of the Risk of Rain world together much easier.

Being a console game, Risk of Rain will support couch co-op in addition to online co-op. This means that you and a friend can play Risk of Rain together or on the same system you can join two other people around the world for an online co-op romp.

The PlayStation versions will also include Cross-Play support between the two devices. So, PS4 and PS Vita users can play together without any worries.

Risk of Rain will be available sometime in the “early” half of 2016.

[via EU PlayStation Blog]

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