Comparing the map size in The Division to GTA 5 and Fallout 4

The Division has left some good impressions on the gaming community so far. But there’s been one criticism that everyone seems to bash the game with: its map is too small.

However, a recent analysis shows that the map in The Division is quite large — and compares quite well to the main city of GTA 5 and the entire map in Fallout 4.

On top of that, the map in The Division has a lot more going on — you can enter buildings, you can go underground etc. while GTA 5 for example, is mainly exterior buildings.

One of the reasons The Division gets criticism for its map size might be that it’s only using a portion of the island of Manhattan, instead of the whole thing.

But for a game with no vehicles, an entire Manhattan would be way too large.

Check out the video above for an in-depth analysis by YouTuber MarcoStyle.

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  • I’m still on the fence about getting this game.

    • Andy Milenovic

      Me too. I had $20 down on it for the gold edition, but I think Im going to just scale it back to regular one if i still get it.

  • Holly

    Xenoblade X wins.