Rumor: Bloodborne developer working on PS4-exclusive JRPG


Bloodborne developer From Software is working on another PS4-exclusive game, according to reports. From Software is reportedly at work on a JRPG, which will be published by Sony exclusively for the PS4.

The rumor comes from Sony insider “Verendus” via NeoGAF. He has been right in the past about such rumors. But, as most guys like him, he’s been wrong as well.

From Software has previously worked on JPRGs, the latest one being Enchanted Arms for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Besides Blodoborne, From Software is famous for its Dark Souls series. Earlier this year, they released a remaster of Dark Souls 2 on the PS4 and Xbox One, called Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

Later this month, the first Bloodborne expansion will be released, called The Old Hunters.

Next year, From Software will release Dark Souls 3 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

And if reports are right, they are also working on a JRPG. Quite a busy time for the Japanese developer.

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    Good times ahead!

  • Ky Mill

    I love this news for a couple reasons. The first bc from is one of my favorite game developers the second is bc they are branching out doing something different and lastly I like jrpgs. I’m old school I prefer the turn based style (not saying this will be) I hate the hybrid rpg/action adventure RPGs. Give me a traditional rpg that doesn’t try to overcomplicate the game

    • Adrian

      What do you consider the Souls games?

      • Ky Mill

        I don’t think I can respond without giving a queer look in your direction.

        • Ky Mill

          Personally I hope it’s a traditional rpg. Even if it’s a new IP that is a spiritual successor to the souls series, the gameplay will naturally have a lot of influence from its related games.

          I think if from is going to grow they’re going to have to bring something different, it can’t stick with the same formula and expect to stay fresh. Either way, I am stoked!

          • Adrian

            It doesn’t matter what it is. If Miyazaki is involved and it is an RPG I will buy. Even if he isn’t I will probably still buy haha.

          • Ky Mill


  • gamewick

    Don’t care what it is, day one buy!