This is what Star Wars Battlefront looks like in 4K at maxed out settings


By now it’s pretty clear that Star Wars Battlefront is an amazing-looking game, especially when it comes to the detailed, almost lifelike textures.

While the game looks great on consoles, the PC version takes it to a whole new level at 4K resolution. The PS4 outputs Battlefront at just 900p, and while that looks fine, 4K just takes it to a whole new level — 4K offers over 4 times as much resolution.

The image above shows Battlefront running at 4K at max settings on a PC. Click the image for the full resolution and just marvel at how well it looks.

The detail in the textures and distance is just incredible. Even the massive space ship in the distance has great detail to it, thanks to 4K.

Thanks for the tip, Sean!

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  • David Quinn

    Idiots be like “this is why PS4 is better than Xbox One”.

    • Tina Brandy

      It’s the truth… and it hurts sometimes.

  • RealityCheck2015

    Looks like the PS4 version 😀

    • retsrzer

      In glorious 900p

      • Tom Maxey

        With little to no value whatsoever haha just look at the price for the ultimate edition on origin 10 fucking dollars for 2 fucking emotes and advertising our products with expansions we don’t even know yet and should’ve been put into the game the first place this is poor marketing at its very best and the company should be considered a cancer to the gaming industy unless the company can ‘magically’ back it up with value along with other evil empires that have consumed gaming society such as konami, ubisoft and activision just to name a few

        • retsrzer

          I’m probably gonna Gamefly the basic version, play it for a few days and then return it. No way I’d every spend actual money on this crap. Thank God for rentals.

  • jfelts

    Wait but wait, there’s no difference lol

    • Thenameless685

      maybe it has to do with the fact that your tv or display is more likely 1080p with only like 2 million pixels while 4k is a little more than 8 million and you cannot fit 8 million on 2 million no matter how hard you try so your picture still is 1080p

      • jfelts

        I was actually joking. I could tell the difference but most people say they can’t between Xbox and PS4. 4k is definitely a difference.

        • trotz75

          You can only really tell the difference above 60+ inches, 720p and 1080p look the same below 46 inches

  • Haven Electro

    Wow that’s amazing! It looks like a video game! Cool!

  • Christopher Worthy

    Awesome graphics

  • Gamer Chris

    Why are you talking about the PC version on a PS4 site?…

    • FutureFox

      Because….movie magic!

  • David

    It’s pointless to look at pic that’s 4k when most people’s screens are 1080p.

    • companyoflosers

      ever heard of supersampling? plus you can zoom in pretty far without any pixellation.

      • David

        Yeah, supersampling is great for anti-aliasing.

        • companyoflosers

          well, its a great replacement for anti-aliasing. i wouldnt say they are the same thing.

          • David

            So then why is it referred to as ssaa?

          • David

            “Supersampling is a spatial anti-aliasing method, i.e. a method used to remove aliasing (jagged and pixelated edges, colloquially known as “jaggies”) from images rendered in computer games or other computer programs that generate imagery”- wiki,lol.

            Anyways, I understand it forces 2x to 6x the resolution and then downsizes it to your monitor. Seeing in 4k naitive on 4k screen to me, has always looked better.

            Am I wrong?

  • Ducked

    I think the next console generation will be 4k. It’s not as far away as some people think.

    • Next gen, yes. It’ll be interesting to see what NX does though.

      • Gotcha47

        Oh that is easy ….. failure !

        • thedeciderU

          Hopefully better than Wii u

      • Ducked

        I have a feeling NX could be 4k. It would shock the world if they did.

        • companyoflosers

          if they wanted to sell it as a niche product because the price would be super high. besides, nintendo already discussed the nx spec-wise, wont be that much different from a wii u.

    • Thenameless685

      i don’t know 4k is about 5 years to go on pc to become a standard while the new consoles will probably come out like in 4 years and if they wanna make a profit from the start like with this gen 1440p is a more safe bet especially since console take years to be designed and tested so the ps5 will probably use 2016-2017 technology at the most

      • Ducked

        I could see that.

    • thedeciderU

      Don’t know if it’s affordable enough for companies like Sony and Microsoft to make a profit yet. I can’t imagine this generation lasting much longer than 3 more years. 500 bucks now cannot even get 1080 60fps. But maybe it will advance and the technology become much cheaper?

      • Ducked

        I’d say the successors will come out in 2018.

        • thedeciderU

          i agree. doesn’t seem like there will be any real hardware stretching like with ps3 and 360 since developers already know the pc architecture; it seems like they’ve already done what they can with it.

        • sd

          Actually I’m happy with 2018. Some of it will depend on trends and sales. If the nx is any good it ” might” detract from ps4 and Xbox one sales., forcing their hand with a new console. If not then the ps4 will keep selling and I could see ms releasing the next console before Sony, although that in itself could be problematic.

    • companyoflosers

      if you go by past trends, next gen will probably be topping out at 1440p. last gen was native 480p scaled up to 720p or 1080p with a few exceptions near the end of the generation. if we go by that trend, its not really all that unreasonable that this gen is around 720p to 900p native. now his gen wont last nearly as long as the previous one but i still dont think 4k is reachable since even most pc’s struggle to do that at stable framerates. plus consider, yes 4k tv’s are a thing now, but aside from streaming internet and 4k pc gaming, what is there to view on a 4k tv at native 4k? most television programming is still catching up to 1080p. the big three arent going to feel compelled to take advantage of a resolution most people still havent even upgraded to.

  • Investor9872 .

    Graphics is not enough. Great game play is also needed. Unfortunately, that’s what Star Wars Battlefront lack.


    Take your word for it as my screen is not that

    I think the PS4 graphics are amazing anyway.

    Next years games and beyond will really start taping that power soon.

    If you got a PC that can handle 4K then enjoy.

  • thedeciderU

    The reporting just takes it to a whole new level. Like the 32x.

  • GreatU2

    PC can run games. Consoles can browse the Internet. However, those are not the best options. Both of them. Even though they’re possible

  • Mystic Gohan

    If you guys write one more dumb article like this im leaving this site. Im here for playstation news not ” look how much better the pc version looks over consoles.” Straight BS


    PC is always going to be a head of home consoles.

    Just enjoy the games people!

  • freddy_uk