Rumor: upcoming Nintendo console will be more powerful than PS4


There are a bunch of rumors right now circulating regarding Nintendo’s upcoming console, codenamed “NX”. And according to reports from reputable sources, Nintendo won’t be making the same mistake twice by having inferior hardware.

This time, the Nintendo NX hardware will be more powerful than the PS4. Not only that, it seems that the NX will also use the same x86 architecture as the PS4 and Xbox One.

Specs wise, rumors suggest an x86 processor with “top of the line graphics card” that easily pushed 60 frames per second.

An earlier report also suggested that Nintendo has already shipped NX dev kits to third party developers, and that it hopes to launch the console in 2016.

While the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One, it still has issues running all games at 1080p and 60 fps. For example, the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront runs at only 900p on the PS4 and just 720p on the Xbox One.

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  • Jim

    Good luck with that. Nintendo is too late to the game here. How much better could it look? To add to the problems, Nintendo has nothing to compete with PSN or Xbox Live…..They missed the boat here and should go the way of Vectrex and Intellivision.

    • Kay Wrobel

      They could still get out of the hardware business and produce awesome, family friendly games on current and future gen consoles. BUT! They are control freaks, stuck in their ways and don’t want their IP to be used on anything but Nintendo. And don’t you dare stream their stuff!

  • Entropyguy

    I hope they do manage to make something that can compete with the PS4/XB1. More competition in the console space can only be good for the consumers. Plus, I feel it’d be a sad day should Nintendo cease to be; not only do they make incredible games, but they’re the one console maker that legitimately tries to bring something new and innovative to the table.

  • Tina Brandy

    Uhm… for a system that launches two years later than the PS4 it had better be more powerful! Because at that time tablets will just as powerful as the PS4.

    • SirAngry

      Actually, if it launches in 2016 it’s going to be more like 3 years after the launch of the Xbox One and PS4. If a console is released 3 years after the PS4 it needs to be more powerful. Nintendo’s next console is going to be massively out of sync with the other two competitors cycle. But yup, I agree with your assertion about it not being a surprise that it is rumoured to be more powerful.

      • HAppY_KrAToS

        3 years after launch…
        But you seem to forget the ps4 specs were decided 1 or 2 years before the launch, and they have designed the system by using components that ALREADY existed.

        So, it’s safe to say that the ps4 is using 2010-2011 technology and components. 2 0 1 1 !

        So, the next Nintendo console is releasing in 2017… and it is more powerful than the ps4?


        Any system released in 2017, with average components alone, should already be AT LEAST 2-3 times more powerful than a ps4.
        Now, if Nintendo really is using high-end components, I’m happy and I applaud. Such system should have the power of 4-5 ps4.

        If we add to the equation that by 2017, cpu, ram, gpu, etc, will be all using the 3d vertical technology (layers and layers of components), and will require less power, less space, while being more powerful and faster, and SMALLER,

        THAT could improve the new Nintendo console even more.

        Damn, I haven’t bought a Nintendo console for a while, because they have been using low power cheap components.
        I’m really happy if Nintendo will build a true monster of a console, with ultra graphics, 0 aliasing, 1080p60fps, and a nice working online network.

        I will be proud of spending my cash on it.
        But if they make another cheap WII U 2… people gonna really hate them.

        • SirAngry

          Your logic is sound, up until a point. Nintendo hasn’t been planning the NX like a ‘normal’ console release. This isn’t a planned development cycle. It is a response to the pretty poor market performance of the Wii U. It is a rush job to try and bring the big N back towards market relevance. They’ve already stated they are using off the shelf components already available, not components that ‘might’ be available.

          So we’re probably talking about cheaper components that are available right now. This thing is launching 2016, and Dec kits are rolling out now. That means it is being manufactured now, not in 2017. Plus Nintendo need to keep costs down and if the device is a 2 for the price of 1 concept we’ve bring hearing rumours about.

          Therefore I think it will be more powerful, but not the magnitudes leap you are talking about, and others are hoping for. I’ll cross my fingers and hope you’re right, but unless Nintendo do an amazing job with the NX I can’t see it being anything more than a stop gap system while Nintendo realign their market strategy to be more in synce with the rest of the industry… because it seems like they’ve finally realised they can’t go it alone with fads, gimmicks and Mario alone.

          • barbqribs

            Its about right, for any gamer who has ever bought Nintendo Home consoles, Nintendo releases every 5-6 years since they started in 1985. This has been true all the way up to now. 2017 release would be 5 years… which is fine for Nintendo.

          • SirAngry

            I agree that the average life span of a Nintendo console is 5 to 6 years, actually far closer to 6. But the truth is Nintendo plan on dropping the NX in 2016. That gives the Wii U a life span of roughly 4 years. That is a distinct shortening of the consoles life span. We shouldn’t forget also that the big N said that console generations were getting longer, and that the Wii U was intended to at least have as long a life span as the Wii (just over 6 years). So the NX launching within 4 years of the Wii U tells me this wasn’t planned by Nintendo. It is a reactionary response to the dire market conditions the Wii U finds itself in.

          • michaelknight31

            Yeah thats why im not getting another wii u because NX might come out next year plus wii u is still $300 i just hope ps4 and xbox one last 7years before next gen systems i heard talks about them going back to 5years life span

          • SirAngry

            I love my Wii U, and the games Nintendo has got onto the system. I’m really disappointed by the Wii U’s sales. Not too sure who is to blame, my fellow gamers for not giving it a chance, or Nintendo’s Marketing division for messing the marketing up so royally!!!

          • michaelknight31

            I agree but i think its a dumb move to put out NX so soon i mean let the wii u have two more years in that time get all your big triple-A games ready so you can come strong games like pikmin4,next mario game, next donkey kong game to tell the truth i think they will fail with the NX we’ll see but idk

          • SirAngry

            It is way too early to say whether or not they’ll fail with the NX. Firstly we don’t really know what it is. What we do know is that the Wii disappointed many so-called core gamers; Meanwhile the Wii U failed to bring them back, or retain the casuals who bought into the Wii in vast numbers. No one is more aware of this than Nintendo.

            Truth is the Wii U is a catastrophic flop. I own one, and am happy with the games on it, but there is no denying it has been a disaster in overall sales. Not sure why that is, but Nintendo have taken the prudent business decision to not throw more good money after bad. The Wii U might not see anymore big N releases before the NX now.

            So if the NX releases in 2016, which I strongly believe it will, I expect it will launch with both Zelda and a Mario game… and possibly the rumoured Metroid Prime game. That will be tempting to Nintendo fans, and gamers alike, and if the architecture is aligned more with the PS4 and X1 we’ll see way more third party support.

          • michaelknight31

            Dude im just saying what i think might happen

          • SirAngry

            I agree, I just don’t have confidence in Nintendo getting everything right. Why? Because Nintendo is still Nintendo. But I think they’ve had a seriously bloody nose with the Wii U launch, not just from consumers this time, but, for the first time in their history third party publishers. I think Nintendo are now under no illusions as to the importance of third party support.

          • Latham Rowe

            I doubt it’s being manufactured now at all. This is very unlikely. Early dev kits will be heading out now as Nintendo’s attempt to gain back some developer confidence by including them in the process. Hoping for feedback. I’m sure they have a target in mind and different select developers are likely receiving variations on that target. They are likely well into discussions with their typical vendors about the final spec, but still to be finalised based on cost vs performance vs feedback from their selected studios who have received advanced dev kits.

            I think Nintendo are playing this one a little more conventionally this time around and are actively just trying to gauge developer interest.

            But in terms of manufacturing units for mass production? I don’t think so. I think the final specification is still on the table. It could end up being more powerful, as powerful or less powerful than speculations.

          • SirAngry

            I don’t think Nintendo as mass producing the NX right now either. lol. However, when you start dropping proper Dev kits then the silicon inside the darn thing is pretty close to final. In the case of the PS4, the Dev kits that dropped 18 months before the systems launch had two more compute units and 2GBs of RAM (they actually had more, but for games 2GB was sectioned off). Other than those two difference the silicon was exactly the same. Nintendo have repeatedly stated that the NX will ship globally in 2016. Sooooo… yeah, I think what is being shipped now I’d likely to be pretty much what ships to consumers.

    • Fingloi Delos reyes

      so you all feel good about yourselves commenting like this and seems to know all the details on console wars? fck!

  • whatacutebum .

    It’ll have to be a lot more powerful because once VR is released , Sony and Microsoft will start work on the PS5/Xbox2

  • Unholy_Beauty

    I’m sorry…it sounds a little far fetched on those “possible” specs. Just saying.

    • Alex Zar

      • Unholy_Beauty

        Like I said, it’s bs. 😂

  • tony clem

    I do think it’s a good thing that Nintendo will be up there with ps4 and xbox. The more competition the better for the customer. Only reason I’m not huge fan of Nintendo is I find they target mainly kids so all the best shooters or horror genre never makes it on Nintendo with the exception of maybe a couple.

  • michaelknight31

    If NX comes out in 2016 how long before ps5 and xbox2 comes out

  • michaelknight31

    for me i think NX will be underpower even if is more powerful Sony and MS can put out more powerful consoles so i think nintendo should just ride it out wii u til 2018 i mean sega try this over and over didnt workout for them

  • Gotcha47

    Well very nice, but how many consoles does one need…. Most got the ps4 and the xbox one. Is this not to late ? Also what if this console is powerfull but there will be a lack of support for it… It is wait and see and especially who will buy one and who will support it with games.

  • Jason Redmandana

    Even when it launchs… The games will take for ever to make…..-___- idk … This shit better be good nintendo… Idk who you think you are… I doubt ill get it because .. I had a 3ds and was actually impressed.. Hm i sold it though… Might buy anouther one…….. Sike….. But mabey again one day… But mabey not!!!!

  • James Robert Marot

    From reading all comments so far here…I feel Nintendo still has a lot of work to do and Sony has the VR headset which I think is great but now I feel maybe the VR headset should be saved as the next new PS5 perhaps but maybe it will hold more power…I’m just worried about the motion sickness here. Nintendo I don’t think I’ll return to you any time soon but maybe save it for when the next console generation comes but good luck. This should be interesting

  • Nintendoro

    I couldn’t care less if it’s more powerful. Though it has to be similar powerful to PS4 to blow me away.

  • norifumi155

    It doesn’t matter how powerful a Nintendo console is, they will never impress with it because they always create cartoon graphics for their franchises

    • michaelknight31


    • Scot Burnett Jr.

      What? Metroid, Zelda, Fzero, Pikmin?

      • Andre’ Roxas

        Just ignore ignorant comments like this man. It’ll save you a lot of grief. I only come into this site for the news, but I do occasionally come here to see how laughably bad the comment section is 🙂

  • TomDobo

    A more powerful system won’t make your games look anymore realistic Nintendo.


    There must be truth in there!

    If the NX can’t even run PS4/Xbox One ported games then it is doomed.

    I think Nintendo wants full third party support so it will be a powerful house to some extent!

  • freddy_uk

    clue in the title Rumor!
    i doubt it be more powerfully then ps4. nintendo target audience will be expecting pay same as the wii when it launch originally.

  • tony clem

    Yeah I doubt they could compete with ps4 or xbox even if some how they do have more powerful system. They target mainly a younger generation of gamers. There’s rarely a game to ever be released by Nintendo I even want to try

  • Evelven

    I just can wait and see the new 3D Mario on the highly powered “NX”

  • Thenameless685

    well the ps4 is the most powerful console and its still pathetic compared to current technology so shouldn’t be that hard to outpower it

  • Mystic Gohan

    Who cares!

  • trotz75

    One thing they need to get right is marketing. I remember being in toys r us yrs ago nearly buying a wii u game for the wii, I had to ask the assistant “what’s a wii u?”

  • Dirk2468

    Nintendo needs to get rid of the gimmicky consoles as of late and just produce a console to at least match The PS4 and Xbox One’s power, if they do that the games will sell the system if they don’t make the system to hard to develop for.

  • Cody McKrell

    Even if it is, it wont matter. Entire generations of gamers have gotten so used to skipping the very rare–really, really good–zelda and mario installments, that having newer ones available in ultra hd…with limited third party support, censored games, no social media integration, no chat, no dvd/bluray playback, no streaming, youtube, twitch or half a dozen other features isnt swaying anybody into jumping on board to pay 60 bucks for side scrolling platformers or poorly thought out open world stuff.

  • Sean Slaughter

    If it’s true about time

  • devmiles

    Like said, it better be more powerful and so what, what are you gonna with all that power? nintendo lost a lot of support along the way. The lifespan of a Nintendo console is also way shorter than the competition who easily make it 8 years if not longer. I absolutely hope Nintendo has learned a serious lesson with the Wii-u. The saddest thing is that that console has never even be used to it’s full potential, no developer wants to throw money at it. Nintendo’s own great output didn’t save it. We didn’t get to see some metroid greatness, zelda is way too late, no real epic mario game other than running around in catsuits .. they missed out on a lot of important things they could have done to make the Wii-u more popular. More mature content is another important aspect, i don’t want to play lollipop games all day. Basic online stuff is still something Nintendo needs to learn too, they are so way behind on that. I really hope they can make an epic comeback but i doubt they will ever become market leading again in the console market.