NieR: Automata gets a new trailer and story synopsis [VIDEO]

NieR Automata (1)

Earlier this year at Square Enix’s E3 2015 Press Conference, NieR fans were treated to a very unexpected surprise: a NieR sequel! Now titled NieR: Automata, the story follows android 2B and, as the US PlayStation Blog notes, said android¬†is not actually female. In the world of NieR: Automata, androids don’t specifically have a gender and definitely don’t have a emotion. However, the different models do have their own quirks and characteristics. 2B for instance has a “comparatively cold and level headed personality.”

After an alien invasion and a war between machines and these invaders, us humans decided that sticking around wasn’t the best decision and so we set a course for the moon. Now, we’re dead set on taking back out home and with a force of android warriors like 2B, that just might be possible.

Being a sequel, you’re probably wondering if you need to play the original game to understand the events of Automata. Well, according to the PlayStation Blog, you don’t. Although this is set after the original, so we wouldn’t be surprised if there are some easter eggs for those devoted fans. With any luck, they’ll release the game as a remaster on the PS4 or throw it up on PlayStation Now for people who wish to catch up. For now, hit play on the trailer, check out the screenshots below, and let us know what you think about NieR: Automata,¬†coming next year.

[via US PlayStation Blog]

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  • I was so surprised when this was announced at E3.
    As a Drakengard and Nier fan, i’ll be getting this day one.

  • RageMonkey

    Does it run in 900p?