Borderlands on PS4 and Borderlands 2 on PS Vita got some new updates

Borderlands 2 gang

It’s been seven months since the launch of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for the PS4 and even longer since the game launched on last-generation consoles, so we’re surprised we’re even writing about the games receiving updates so long after their release. Hell, the PS Vita version (remember that?) got an update, as well!

As for what’s included in these updates, on the Handsome Collection side of things, they’re mostly bug fixes and some performance improvements, but there are some tweaks to how the game perceives un-owned DLC and even some new sorting options. For instance, the patch log notes that “players can now sort their inventory by value and vending machine inventory by price.” If you don’t own some of the DLC, then you’ll no longer see that in the Fast Travel menu “as a valid destination.”

The PS Vita update is more technical:

  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Improved overall playability
  • Added option for additional vehicle control method.
  • Added sort by value option for inventory.
  • Added user’s support ID in ShiFT menu.
  • Increased drop rate of legendary items across the game.
  • Update PlayStation Vita SDK to 3.500.
  • Enabled +77 MB expanded memory mode.

In this day and age, it’s a marvel that a developer is so devoted to supporting their game long after some players abandoned it. That extra effort really shows how much they care.

[via Gearbox Software, NeoGAF]

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