Half Life 2 recreation in Unreal Engine 4 looks spectacular (screenshots)

Half Life 2 Unreal Engine 4

We’re all eagerly waiting for the Half Life 3 announcement. But we’ve been waiting for many years, and the way it looks, the game won’t be announced any time soon. But we still have Half Life 2 to look back to.

Talented 3D artist Liam Tart, who worked on Alien Isolation, took upon himself to recreate some of Half Life 2’s iconic settings in Unreal Engine 4. And the results from his first scene are spectacular.

Tart’s ongoing project has resulted in one scene so far: the Apartment 17 scene where players really start getting into the story of HL2.

Tart uses new textures and effects while staying true to Valve’s original setting and atmosphere, and the end result is something any HL2 fan will be familiar with. Only in Unreal Engine 4, it looks an order of magnitude better.

Check out more screenshots below (click the image for the full version — recommended!)








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  • Nintendoro

    Oh please be true

  • kushinakingcloud10

    This is awesome…

  • Dr.Ghettoblaster

    If ANY series needs some next gen HD remastering/remaking, it’s CERTAINLY Half-Life 1 and/or 2!!!

  • Jason Mounce

    Now to compare it with Source Engine 2………Oh wait.

    • Hiya_tiger

      Source Engine 2 is used for the new DOTA reborn beta.

      • Jason Mounce

        ‘Reborn’ Beta?

        • Hiya_tiger

          google it.

          • Jason Mounce

            I REFUSE!

  • Christian

    This and VR and you got something…

    • freddy_uk

      i think you right

  • Latham Rowe

    Looks like spectacular advertising to me. It’s empty.

    A video is worth making an article for imo.

  • Ascended Nintendo Freak

    hmm half life 2 on unreal engine 4… so is 2*4=8 and 8+banana= fish then it means that between 2 and 4 is 3 therefore… HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!