Journey looks great even when it’s broken

Journey looks great even when it's broken

Journey was released on the PS4 yesterday and as expected, looks and plays amazing, with its minimalist visuals rendered in 1080p and 60 frames per second.

However, there’s a little glitch in the game that enables players to go outside of the map, which of course gives a starkly different look to the game.

This happened to Redditor “Dalto15”, who managed to grab some screenshots of Journey when it actually broke. And somehow, the game still looks great.

Interestingly, this particular bug was also present in the PS3 version of Journey, where players could drop outside of the map and get a different perspective on the game (although it didn’t result in the kind of visuals we’re seeing on the PS4 version).

Check out some more screenshots below. For more, check out the first 20 minutes of Journey on the PS4.




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  • David Quinn

    I just finished reading the previous post about Journey, pressed the back button and seen this headline. Never laughed so hard on PS4 Daily :’)