PS Plus brings loads of Cross-Buy titles for May 2015

Guacamelee! INTENSO

May has officially started and with the first week of May comes a new lineup of PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection titles. This month, Sony is pulling out the stops by throwing in a lot of Cross-Buy titles from various independent developers, guaranteeing a lot of bang for your buck across the entire, current PlayStation family of systems.

Headlining the PS4 side of things is Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, a game we reviewed last year. While the game may at first appear to be similar to the original, Guacamelee!, this version is essentially an enhancement, adding new characters, a future four-player mode, new sections, and even new moves. In short, you probably want to grab this one.¬†As I said in my review last year, even if you already played the original, Super Turbo Championship Edition is a game you shouldn’t miss out on.

On the PS Vita side of things, we have Murasaki Baby, a puzzle game where players are tasked with guiding a creepy baby through equally creepy levels.

For this month’s full lineup of games, check below.


  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
  • Ether One
  • The Unfinished Swan (Cross-Buy PS4| PSVita | PS3)
  • Race the Sun (Cross-Buy PS4 | PSVita | PS3)
  • Hohokum (Cross-Buy PS4 | PSVita | PS3)

PS Vita

  • Murasaki Baby
  • The Unfinished Swan (Cross-Buy PS4 | PSVita | PS3)
  • Race the Sun (Cross-Buy PS4 | PSVita | PS3)
  • Hohokum (Cross-Buy PS4 | PSVita | PS3)

[via US PlayStation Blog]

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  • David Curnutte

    Games that aren’t worth wasting hard drive space on. What a joke.

    • Jessey

      You’ve played all of them?

      • rsco6969

        Every month it’s the same old rubbish, people look at the picture and say fuck that, I however give them all a go and tend to enjoy most offerings, this month is very good, some people are just pathetic, best to ignore their silly comments

    • Fingloi

      so you feel good about yourself making that comment?

  • ryan

    ether one guacmelee for me rest dont look that appalling at least 2 games seem decent

  • Captain David Nightingale

    I’ll pass

  • David Curnutte

    I feel real good about making that comment. We have to pay for PS plus to play online on ps4 and pau for it on ps3 for the monthly games and that’s the type of games they give. Ridiculous.

    • Ace J

      You don’t HAVE to pay for it. Its your choice.

  • beerkin

    My PS4 just sits there. I need some assistance. Bought a ps4 played through, tlou, infamous, guac, the usual suspect. I need something to play on it badly. Between Dragon Age, Gta5 and Shadown of mordot which should I get?

    • AndyArmani


    • Fingloi

      GTA V Online- its a Masterpiece… i really dont know why im wasting my time 5 hrs a day since December 2014… its really addictive..

  • David Curnutte

    GTA V