One year later, Destiny of Spirits is shutting down

Destiny of Spirits

Only a year after its official launch, Destiny of Spirits, the free-to-play PS Vita game from SCE Japan Studio and Q Entertainment, will be shutting down its servers. Today, the developer made the announcement on their official blog. With this announcement comes the sad realization that because this is an always-online game, you won’t be able to play Destiny of Spirits after the servers shut down. So, you have until June 30, 2015 to get your fill.

One final update will be made to the game, bringing back previous raid bosses for players to fight against. Sales of orbs will cease on April 28 in Europe, April 29 in Asia, and on June 30 in the Americas.

Destiny of Spirits hit one million downloads earlier this month.

Prior to the announcement, Destiny of Spirits encountered numerous periods where the servers were down. Usually, following these periods, the developer would send free orbs or other items to players through the in-game mailing system. Orbs are Destiny of Spirits’ micro-transaction item. With them, you can purchase one of three tiers which will give you a random monster (think baseball card packs).

[via PlayStation Japan]

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  • Sad to hear about that.

    • Jessey

      Yeah so am I. I wouldn’t be as sad if they had a way to take out the always-online requirement, but alas that doesn’t seem to be a possibility.

      • mein fuhrer

        No shit. Only a fucking 13 year old moron would think “LET ME HAVE OFFLINE CAPABILITIES WITH AN ONLINE GAME!!!!!!1one!!!!!!!!!” “OMG! I WANT A REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!” “SONY IS THE BANE OF HUMANITY!!!!!”.

        Read the ToS. Fuckers.

        Uh… I’m not a marketing major, but that would imply Sony has to put in MORE resources to make this offline compatible… when they are already axing the game to save money.

        You guys are RETARDED.

    • mein fuhrer

      yea cause you’re a retard.

      just eat up the dicks that sony has kindly fed you. you’re a fucking moron anyways. just be a good little retard and eat it all up. while you’re sitting there stuffing your face full of delicious cock, sony is raiding your mom’s wallet.

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