Rumor: Sony readying new PS4 SKU with 1TB storage for this Fall

Rumor: Sony readying new PS4 SKU with 1TB storage for this Fall

A leaked PlayStation 4 model number suggests that Sony is gearing up to release a new PlayStation 4 model with 1 TB of diskspace this Fall. The new reveal comes from a retailer source that PS4Daily spoke to, the same source who tipped us off on the upcoming Max Payne 3 PS4 remake, and the same source who first leaked the existence of the original Killzone Shadow Fall bundle back in 2013, .

The retailer says that the only information they’ve received is the model number — called CUH-1001X — the “PLAYSTATION 4” name, and a Q4 2014 release date. Further inquiries revealed that the big difference is the harddrive, which will double in capacity and likely be part of a new bundle.

The current US model number is CUH-1001A, the new model is called CUH-1001X, with the “X” signifying a change in the harddrive capacity. The last symbol in the model number stands for HDD capacity, which is currently “A“, and indicates the 500 GB drive. The new “X” is likely a placeholder — the final model numbers are usually revealed during FCC certification in the US (and during certification in other territories).

We can’t say that we’re surprised that Sony is looking to release a premium PlayStation 4 model. It’s not that expensive to double the harddrive in the console — according to our research, the retail price difference is only $20 between the 500 GB and 1TB drives. A quick search on Amazon shows that a 1TB hardrrive can be had for just $20 more than a 500 GB drive. Large OEMs like Sony will definitely get a big discount as well.

A few months ago, Sony added a new model, which was revealed during FCC certification process. The only change in that model was a new WiFi module, which had received a new antenna. All other components remained the same. Since it takes a while for consumer electronics to get through the FCC process, it’s likely that the new PlayStation 4 with the 1TB drive is already at the FCC, waiting to be inspected and approved.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the new 1TB model is part of a “premium” SKU, with maybe an added game or two, in order to keep the sales momentum up. We’ll have to wait and see what Sony has in store for us this Fall.

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  • Mikey Styles

    This should have been the standard from the gate. With 25GB-50GB installs a 500GB HDD just isn’t quite enough imo, & it almost ruins the push towards a Digital Library. Hopefully this comes to fruition even though I’ve already taken matters into my own hands(1.5TB HD).

    • metalman5150

      Good job installing, on your own! I did the same, and it was much easier than I had anticipated!

      • IamMark Anthony

        How do I add more memory to my ps4

    • Wargreymon559 .

      Had they isntalled a 1tb price would have been higher.500GB is more than enough for awhile.If sony allow ext.HDD support in the future that will be even better.

    • Kevin L

      1TB is just as pathetic
      Just round it up to 2TB…and that’s still weak!

    • Mark

      Do you know a website or can you describe yourself how to install a 1 or 1.5 tb HD?

  • John Spartan

    Good move, I haven’t had any hard drive issues since all the movies I bought on PSN are streamed now but I can see how quick someone who plays a lot of the sames games would have issues. External hard drive support would also help us who don’t feel like installing a new hard drive or are too lazy to pop it open and install a new one. 🙂

    • metalman5150

      If I were a mother, I would tell you to get off of your lazy ass & install that HDD!
      In a lovingly, motherly, tonality.

  • TomDobo

    I’m planning on buying a 4 TB soon hopefully that will give me space for a few years or so.

    • Mitch

      4TB is plenty unless you for some reason buy a shit ton of games and keep them all installed.

      • TomDobo

        I buy a shit ton of games and keep them installed at the moment.

        • Kevin L

          And I have a ton of movies and TV shows on my PS3.

    • brian murphy

      they dont make 4tb that will fit a ps4 unless your thinking external then that wouldnt work either on a ps4 but you can on an xbox one

      • TomDobo

        Well I may have to downgrade for now then. I haven’t really researched what hard drive I’m getting I was just stating what I would like inside my PS4.

      • eagles4585

        Nice try man. Another attempt to make an ugly console even uglier in a TV setup, having an external HDD out the back…

  • metalman5150

    If you haven;t already swapped your PS4 HDD, stop wasting your time and do it!!
    Easy & affordable!
    Stock PS4’s come with a manu-HGST hdd. You can buy a 1.5 TB from the same manu, which is what I did. Also, note that the stock PS4 HDD is 5400RPM, so if you want to better your speed, than the price point will go up, a lil bit.

  • Rob

    Come on CUH. Please be true.

  • CH3SH

    Why buy a new ps4 when you can upgrade the hdd for £50

  • Giuseppe Nelva

    This “retailer” seems to be jumping to conclusions

    CUH-1001X or CUH-10XXX is the generic way to which one would refer to the PS4 (depending if one omits only the HDD code or the region code + HD code), simply because they hard disk indicator is normally secondary to the actual part number, and is often left blank.

    By the way, different hard disk codes aren’t certified by the FCC. So even if there could be a CUH-1001B one day, it won’t appear there.

  • Rinslowe

    Why Sony? I could have held out for this one!

  • miyamoto

    Someone is salty down there….

  • Bozo Sapien

    In other words, you’d be a fool to buy a PS4 until this comes out.

  • eagles4585

    I’m going to future proof my PS4 and jump straight to a 3TB

  • abcdefgqwerty

    yeah I know they go for cheap but honestly HD space is so cheap why cheap out on that? We all know these games are huge and not getting any smaller

  • Mipaol

    5TB HDD and no optical drive, make it so Sony.

  • SteveLobs

    If your considering buying one *now*, do you wait 3 months or what and then nothing happens, you get shut out during the holiday season? Usual b.s…

  • Luis G

    i just bought a 2 tb that works perfectly and now i dont have to worry about running out of space for another year or 2

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