PSN purchases to transfer to PlayStation Now [RUMOR]

PlayStation Now servers

One of the key complaints surrounding PlayStation Now is its pricing. As I stated before, the current model is far too expensive for renting multiple games, but Sony might have just solved that.

According to NeoGAF user “Bastion,” games purchased through PSN are playable for free on PlayStation Now. Bastion stated that on the PS3 version of PlayStation Now, their games that they have already bought (Stick It To The Man and Saints Row 2) and are available in the current phase of the Beta are showing up in PlayStation Now with a cart next to them, meaning the games had already been paid for and are playable.

Bastion further stated that their PSN games were not available to play for free on the PS4 version. This could be a case of the PS3 app being more up-to-date though as the console was the first device to receive the PlayStation Now beta.

If this is Sony’s solution to PlayStation Now’s pricing problem, it brings up two very important questions:

  1. Will this only apply to PlayStation Now on PS3?
  2. Is there a cutoff date to ensure people don’t purchase the game for cheap on PSN instead of renting through PlayStation Now?

Whatever the answers may be, this development is exciting. Hopefully the PS4 version of PlayStation Now receives this much-needed change as the Open Beta approaches.

[via NeoGAF]

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  • DiFiasco

    this would be AWESOME!

    • Jessey

      Agreed. I went all digital in 2012 so I’ve got a lot of games I could play.

      • bizzy gie

        Why? Cases are so much better.

        • GremDude


  • Guest

    Looks great but that can be deceiving because then people will realize they’ve traded the game they have on their harddrive for one that plays with additional lag and takes the fun out of it. Welcome to the world where you don’t own anything anymore. Thanks Sony!

    • Jessey

      Nobody’s trading anything.

    • Martin Brentnall

      This is not an “either… or” situation; you get both.

    • bigshynepo

      Guests never make sense.

      • Josué B. Hernández

        Really, people tend to be dumber these days!

    • Josué B. Hernández

      You get both, genius!

    • Cody Glisson

      what are you saying

    • GotNews4Ya

      Yes.. Sony is the issue here.. oh wait.. they are the reason we still have physical copies of games right now.. Xbox almost launched with full DRM policies and almost everything had to be on installed onto the system, and no longer needed the disc afterwards.. (also couldn’t trade it in) but yeah.. you’re right.. Sony is trying to end the way the current gaming model is… yeah..

  • Agent HUNK

    I bought many ps1,ps2, and ps3 titles on psn on my ps3 . I really hope these will all carry over to my Ps4 cause i will be pissed and honestly not repurchase them on ps4. If they transfer i would gladly add more purchases to ps now

  • NoNeedToArgue

    that would be huge for PSNow, but i remember reading in the FAQ that they would not do this. But maybe due to all the (unwarranted) bad pricing PR they feel they need some good PR

  • Jonathan Crout

    transfer is one thing are they still playable on my ps3 since ps3 is wife and kids device now i still want to play my ps3 and my kids to be able to i hope transfer u keep games playableo n ps3 and ps4 also would make my life so much easier

  • GotNews4Ya

    I just want to say that, I think when Sony said that they were using Playstation Now as a type / form of Backwards Compatibility awhile back, they kind of left it open for interpretation that you could possibly end up playing the games you purchased/downloaded on the ps3’s playstation store on your PS4’s.. I would love for them to let me play my downloaded ps3 games, on my ps4 for free on PS Now. Would make it easier for me to play some of the good ps3 games that are coming out still.. (its in my bedroom.. and I got old people problems.. meaning I fall asleep when I’m in my bed, I can’t get myself to stay awake long enough to game! LOL)

  • sd

    For me the important question is whether I can play my free ps+ ps3 Games through ps now, on the ps4. I don’t own a ps3 anymore so this would be fantastic for me.

  • David Trail

    Playstation now is nothing more than an over expensive rip off. Don’t get mugged off!

  • MiamiGoon

    This would be awesome for people that don’t own a PS3, but have “purchased” all of the PS3 games each month on PS Plus. I have over 50 PS3 games on my account, but can’t play any for example, but this would allow me to.

  • tim

    I just purchased sniper ghost warrior 2 on my ps4. the amount for the game rental was paid for and I managed to download the games file however it will not let me play it. a message saying something like please try again appears when i try to play it. thank you Sony for stealing my money and providing me a game which does not work I will be sure to notify everyone of your scam Sony.