Indie PS4 dev: “Sony has been absolutely great from the very beginning”

Indie PS4 dev:

Sony is embracing indie developers for the PlayStation 4, which is why so many independent and smaller games are released on the console. There are already dozens available, and dozens more are coming in the future.

In a recent interview with PS4Daily, indie developer WaterMelon Co. spoke very fondly of Sony and their support for WaterMelon Co’s upcoming indie title Pier Solad HD. They said:

“Sony has been absolutely great from the very beginning. In was, indeed, a bit of a surprise to us to be so much taken into consideration by Sony as it happened. I believe it’s because it is natural for us, a “newborn” company, to feel very intimidated by such a huge and prestigious corporation as Sony.”

The developer added that Sony has been “extremely supportive and responsive” during the development of the game.

Sony is offering registered developers free PlayStation 4 dev kits, and this time around, has far less restrictions when it comes to publishing games on the PS4 as compared to the PS3.

Sony recently announced that it has over 1,000 developers registered on its PlayStation platforms, with hundreds of developers joining the PlayStation 4 in the last year alone. Most of those are smaller, independent game developers.

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In fact, Sony is giving indie devs the same kind of attention that they give big-time developers and publishers. For example, Sony is giving out prototypes of its new Project Morpheus out to indie devs as well.

In the end, it’s great to see a massive company such as Sony take their time to support and guide the smaller developers and upstarts in their projects.

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