Sony shows off new The Order 1886 gameplay at E3 2014 [VIDEO]

One of the first games Sony brought to their E3 2014 Keynote was The Order 1886. We know, we know — the game is so far away now. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t reason to get excited. They showed off some new gameplay that shows off the stunning cinematics and graphics. The gameplay was a bit on the short side and didn’t give us anything terribly in-depth, but it’s nice to know that the game is coming along quite well and that they’re taking their time to make sure the game comes out with improved quality. Take a gander at the gameplay footage up above.

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  • NotTheGuitar


    • Corey0928

      Looks like a werewolf to me

  • Yohan KillSwitch

    Game looks absolutely stunning!

  • Zombie_Andrew

    This is what is going to make me buy a PS4. I have a PC and Wii U, but the PS4 is showing me some multiplats that I must have. The only game Xbox One has is Sunset Overdrive (which I admit looks amazing)

    • Wow ur right sunset is a nice game vary nice

  • iamserious

    This video looks like crap! Hope it’s just the video and not the game.