Sony shows a quick snippet of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4 at E3 2014 [VIDEO]

After what could arguably be billed as a lackluster showing, Sony decided to wake the crowd up with a fan favorite — Nathan Drake, and how he’s depicted in Uncharted 4. The teaser we got was more like a sip or a taste than a sample, however Sony professed that the beautiful footage you see above was captured straight from the PS4.

Whether said footage is indicative of in-game graphics is a question yet to be answered, but if Naughty Dog’s history is anything to go by we are certain the game will look absolutely amazing. Be sure to watch the trailer above, and prepare for the long wait ahead as we won’t be seeing this game launch until 2015 at the earliest.

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  • Josh Melton

    Fitting title, I hope they don’t kill Drake or Uncharted on PS4

    • Peter Neilen

      Nah would be stupid of them. And as i see it , sony is not stupid !!

  • Nintendofreak

    wont consider sony lack lusting but most of the stuff they showed was a given or was leaked

    • Gilbert Nicks

      all of E3 today we meh…. I would have been happier if they spent more time talking about their VR tech or the Vita TV…. feels like sony put more effort at TGS than here…. or they just had more stuff to show at TGS. MS didnt do any better…. yes both Sony and MS showed some awesome games… but the show was just Blah…. had no pop no nothing…. EA showing was okay… I really enjoyed the music and how they handled the stage but that was about it lol…. I sadly missed Ubi press conference and will view that one later. I really hope Nintendo does something awesome tomorrow… or this years E3 press conferences would just feel BUST to me.

      • Peter Neilen

        Looks like you are in the wrong department…… I do not care about pop but about the games ! And if you do not like it why do you not organise such a show ? Well …..

  • sd

    Uncharted, definitely my favourite video game series.

    • jfelts

      Same here. I wish they showed more though.

  • Rob

    DAT FLY!