Sony opens E3 with Bungie’s baby – Destiny finally has some story details [VIDEO]

Opening both Microsoft’s and Sony’s 2014 E3 conferences, Activision sure is popular, yes? As evident by their  presence at the PS4 unveiling, their 2013 E3, and many smaller events, it is clear that Sony wants the world to know that the traditionally Microsoft-exclusive developer is launching their new IP across both consoles. Well Sony, point made. And thank you for finally being the stage for some story details! It’s not a whole lot, but it’s better than what we had before-hand.

In addition to a few story details, Sony made sure to drive home the timed-exclusivity deal, revealing that Destiny’s closed beta will start on July 17th. Rumor has it that the beta is available only 4 days earlier on PlayStation, but if that isn’t “exclusive” enough for you, there’s a PS4-exclusive alpha that goes live this thursday -June 12. To register for the alpha, visit greatness

Additionally, Sony revealed an exclusive Destiny/PS4 bundle, which you can see more on here.

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  • Josh Melton

    Destiny Might be GOTY 🙂

  • James Robert Marot

    Not interested any more